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Chris Wright, the assassin who killed Ken Dolezsar, is still at large in 2022. Was he hired by David Novak in some capacity? Here are some important points about the case that you should know.

Chris Wright

On November 15, 2007, a jury found Chris Wright guilty of the murder of Kenneth Dolezsar in the parking lot of a Sandy Village Inn. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Eugene Christopher Wright is his entire legal name, which is Eugene Christopher Wright.

It was agreed upon that he would make a presentation regarding his case on ‘Dateline’ in 2022.

Dolezsar was a well-known Springville service provider at the time of the incident, as well as a part-time hockey coach at Utah Valley State College.

It is said that Wright, the owner of Exchange Place Capital, had only known about Dolezsar for a few months prior to the homicide and that he had not identified him since.

There is no evidence that the confrontation that took place in the Village Inn parking lot was related to their business relationship.

Wright first claimed he was not at fault. At the time of the assassination, witness Lee Carlson, who was present on the scene, recognised Wright and testified in court that he was the perpetrator.

Moreover, he was the one who was in control of Dolezsar’s automobile at the time of the incident.

The automobile was discovered abandoned just a few blocks away from the crime scene, according to authorities.

Wright was also said to be wearing a black wig at the time of the capture, which was later confirmed by witnesses.

Where Is Chris Wright Now? Ken Dolezsar Murder

Chris Wright will not be eligible for release until 2031, thus he is now serving his sentence in prison.

Wright has been incarcerated since the 28th of February, 2008.

He was found to be culpable for legal homicide in the first degree and aggravated theft in the second degree in the course of his investigation.

He was sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison, and his first hearing for parole is planned for August 2031, according to court records.

Was Chris Wright Hired By David Novak?

Leslie Dee Mower, the wife of victim Dolezsar, filed a lawsuit in November 2010 against another man, David Novak, for employing Chris Wright to kill Dolezsar. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

As an alternative, Novak has not been charged with any crime in connection with Dolezsar’s death and remains free of any charges.

After Mower and her husband were convicted of tax evasion, Novak told them that if they cooperated with him, he might help them get their sentences reduced.

According to her, they each gave him $25,000 to use as he pleased.

Novak, according to the lawsuit, is said to have introduced Dolezsar to Wright and arranged a gathering on the day Dolezsar was slain.

A Sandy police officer testified during Wright’s trial that Novak had been put to prison for faking his own death in an aeroplane disaster and had been sentenced to prison.

Reports say Novak did not simulate his death, but rather dropped the plane because it needed a new engine before filing a fictitious insurance coverage claim.

Novak was held in a Florida jail centre for a year before being released.

His experiences there led him to write a guide and to start a consultancy firm for white-collar criminals on the edge of going to prison, which he has since expanded.

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