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The drama series ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey’ on Apple TV+ follows Ptolemy Grey, who is battling dementia and living alone at the age of 91. When Grey puts up a valiant physical struggle against his ailments, his doctor refers him to Dr. Rubin, who is working on a therapeutic process that could perhaps cure Grey. In light of his duties, Grey accepts to participate in Dr. Rubin’s clinical experiment in order to receive therapy. While Dr. Rubin’s medicine has turned Grey’s life around, one has to ask if the cure is genuine. Let’s see what we can find out, shall we? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dr. Rubin’s Dementia

What is Dr. Rubin’s Dementia Treatment?

When Grey goes in for his routine checkup, the doctor is taken aback by the physical power he exhibits despite his dementia. Dr. Rubin leads Grey to the specialist after realising that his body can endure the test. When Robyn discovers the appointment slip, she takes Grey to Dr. Rubin, who explains that the therapy involves two shots of a medication that will help Grey restore his memory completely in a week, so curing his dementia. Grey’s ability to remember and recognise people improves significantly after the first shot is fired.

Robyn is taken aback when Grey brings up Reggie’s murder and her friendship with Niecie. Grey even begins his investigation into the assassination of his great-nephew. Dr. Rubin’s first shot offers him composure and clarity, allowing him to make decisions on his own. Grey regains his memory, but since he hasn’t taken the second dose, he loses it after a period of time. While Grey is supposed to make a decision about the second dose in the coming episodes, let’s see if the treatment is genuine.

Is Dr. Rubin’s Dementia Treatment Real?

No, Dr. Rubin’s Alzheimer’s treatment is a hoax. Several governmental and non-governmental organisations around the world perform clinical research on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Many people, including Ptolemy Grey, have participated in clinical trials to advance medical science’s understanding of the condition and disease. Dr. Rubin’s treatment plan for Grey, on the other hand, is fictitious. For the sake of the storey, Walter Mosley, the author of the show’s eponymous source novel, devised Dr. Rubin’s treatment process.

“I came up with [the treatment] – you know, it’s just a fiction that there are physicians doing illegal medical research in Mumbai and studying on individuals with new drugs they’re coming up with trying to increase these electrical connections [to regain memory],” Mosley told NPR. Despite Mosley’s acknowledgement of the plausibility of such a cure, Dr. Rubin’s treatment technique is entirely fictional, with no known real-life analogue.

Clinical trials and accompanying therapeutic methods that occur in real life aren’t always published to the public, therefore Mosley’s belief can be taken into account. Nonetheless, as there is no known cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and clinical research focuses solely on the reduction of symptoms, it is safe to infer that Dr. Rubin’s dementia treatment is restricted to the new and limited series.

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