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Judge Jerry’s run will end in September after NBC decided not to renew the iconic court-themed talk show. The popular The Jerry Springer Show, which aired for 28 seasons, will be renewed until the middle of this year and will end with the conclusion of its third season.

Jerry Springer became a household name as a result of his politically charged banter and tasteless case selections on daytime television, which focused on bringing out the biggest and ugliest sensations from across America. Judge Jerry began in 2019 as a continuation of the same chatfest from the 1990s.

Why Was Judge Jerry’s Show Canceled?

Jerry Springer’s rerun of his first season had one of the best opening sequences of any courtroom chat show. After a strong start, the show’s popularity began to wane as it entered its third season. It currently has a very low 0.4 rating, which is near the bottom of the syndicated ratings.

The cancellation came as a result of NBC’s decision not to renew a show that had consistently low ratings and viewership. The Jerry Springer Show had low ratings during its 5000-episode run, but it managed to retain its audience, something Judge Jerry has yet to do.

It’s difficult for a show like Jerry Springer’s chatfest to continue as a generation becomes more politically aware and accustomed to good media as a result of OTT platforms.

Jerry Springer first appeared on television in 1991, after a 15-year career as a lawyer. Prior to that, he earned his law degree from Northwestern University. After a long rampage, he will finally be taken off the air.

Other NBC shows that have been canceled include The Good Dish and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, among others. NBC appears to be undergoing a reorganization, with many old shows being phased out.

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