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Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey was living his childhood dream of being a police officer until a terrible tragedy transformed his life in the most unexpected of ways. A new Discovery Plus documentary, ‘Secrets of the Salisbury Poisonings,’ examines how Sergei and Yulia Skripal managed to survive an alleged assassination attempt while Nick was accidently injured around the same period. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Nick’s role in an incident that triggered a global catastrophe, we’ve got you covered.

Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey

Who is Nick Bailey?

The day after Sergei and Yulia were discovered comatose on a park bench in Salisbury, England, Nick and two of his colleagues were dispatched to Sergei’s home to make sure no one else was injured. What the investigators discovered afterwards was that Sergei and his daughter had been poisoned by a nerve agent, according to the authorities. After further investigation, it was discovered that the agent was coming in through Sergei’s front door handle. Several hours after arriving at the house, Nick began to experience nausea and vomiting.

The following is what Nick said later: “My pupils were like pinpricks, and I felt really sweaty and heated.” When I looked back, I attributed it to being exhausted and anxious.” Nick was brought to the hospital as his condition worsened, and it was later discovered that he had also been exposed to the nerve agent. According to Nick, “It’s the dread of the unknown since it’s such a terrible thing to have in your system,” he explained. I was terrified because I knew how the other two were feeling [and] how badly they’d been affected by it.”

Nick was released from the hospital in late March 2018 after undergoing rigorous therapy that lasted more than two weeks, despite the fact that he had been severely ill at one point. His assessment was that, while the physical recovery was reasonably straightforward, the psychological recovery was a completely different storey altogether. “It’s what I’d describe as emotional assault,” Nick continued. Because of all that has happened to us, it has taken us longer to deal with this issue. The house was not the only thing we lost; we also lost everything we owned… “Everything the kids owned was taken away from us, as were the automobiles. We lost everything.”

Where is Nick Bailey Now?

Nick returned to work a few months later, in January 2019, however he eventually decided to leave the company in October 2022. Nick stated at the time that it had become too much for him and that he believed it was past time for a change. A couple of months later, Nick’s wife, Sarah, responded to a post by the police federation in which they discussed the assistance they had provided to Nick via Twitter. She said that he had been battling for a portion of his pension despite having retired only a few weeks before.

Nick filed a personal injury lawsuit against the police department where he previously worked in May 2022, citing injuries as well as financial losses. Nick is a caring father to his two children, and he enjoys spending time with them. Following his retirement from the police force, he began working as a lecturer at a local community college, where he taught criminology and law. According to what we can ascertain, Nick and his family are still residing in Salisbury.

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