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‘Siberia,’ directed by Matthew Ross, is a crime thriller film that revolves around an American diamond trader named Lucas Hill, whose Russian colleague, Pyotr, goes missing with the blue diamonds that Lucas was meant to deliver over to gangster Boris Volkov but instead goes missing with the gems. Lucas travels to Siberia in quest of his long-lost companion, but he ends up becoming engaged in a love triangle. With only 48 hours to track down Pyotr, the diamond trader finds himself in a race against the clock.


The romantic action film stars Keanu Reeves, Ashley St. George, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, and Veronica Ferres, all of whom demonstrate their acting abilities in a variety of various settings throughout the film. Besides delivering captivating performances and a fascinating narrative, the 2018 film is packed with magnificent visuals that contribute to the film’s gloomy atmosphere. Are you interested in learning more about the filming sites that were used for this project? Well, you’ve come to the perfect place because we’ll go over each and every one of them here!

Siberia Filming Locations

When it came to bringing the storey of “Siberia” to life, Matthew Ross chose Russia and Canada as the key sites. It’s worth noting that not only were all of the Siberian scenes filmed in Russia, but many of them were also filmed in other tiny villages around the country in the Great White North. ‘Siberia’ began filming in May 2017 and was completed within a year of the start of production. Examine the locations that were used for filming in greater detail below.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

It seemed only fair that the team film some of the movie’s sequences in Russia, if not all of them, because the film is set in the Siberian wilderness. Some of Saint Petersburg’s most famous landmarks were filmed for the film, such as a sequence made at the Bridge of Four Lions across the Griboedov Canal where Lucas runs into an old friend. In order to film in Saint Petersburg, which is located in northwestern Russia, the crew had to spend a large period of time there.

The entire cast and crew had a fantastic time filming in Russia, according to Matthew Ross, who spoke with Salon about his experiences. As an aside, the filmmaker shared a few thoughts about the backdrop used in the film, saying, “Of course, there was the backdrop of what was happening in the world at the time.” If you walked around the square near the hotel, you would see mugs with the portraits of Trump and Putin on them, which was very bizarre… Working with those folks was an amazing dream for me.” “It was very much on everyone’s mind, but I can assure you that working with them was an incredible dream.”

Manitoba, Canada

from the scenes filmed in Russia, the rest of the Siberian scenes were filmed in various locations throughout the province of Manitoba, including Winnipeg and Brandon. The municipality of Marquette, located 46 kilometres outside Winnipeg in the Rural Municipality of Woodlands, served as a stand-in for a Siberian village during the filming of the film. In order to make the events appear more authentic, the crew used some Hollywood magic to alter the unincorporated village of Marquette by erecting a Russian sign and inserting vehicles with Russian licence plates onto the site, which was previously uninhabited.

The production team relocated to several places in and around Winnipeg for the purpose of filming. Cooks Creek, located in the Rural Municipality of Springfield, was used as a location for filming for the movie, as was the town of Springfield. A few sequences from the crime thriller film were also filmed in Winnipeg’s Fort Garry neighbourhood, which is a residential neighbourhood. It was discovered that the cast and crew were shooting at The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa, and Conference Centre, which is located at 222 Broadway in Fort Garry. With many films and television shows being produced in Manitoba over the years, it has become home to several well-known names in the entertainment industry, including “The Italian Job,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and “Nobody.”

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