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Dr. Justin Dean is most known for being the spouse of singer Korra Obidi. Here’s the storey behind his divorced and married ceremony images.

Dr. Justin Dean was born and raised in a tiny town in Japan.

He learned to drive a tractor, mix crops, and harvest at native ranches and farms while he was there.

He received a university scholarship to run cross country and observe after high school.

Throughout his collegiate coaching career, he fostered in me a passion for athletics, biomechanics, and the human body’s limits.

This goal became the motivating force behind all of his professional decisions.

Justin Dean

Who Is Justin Dean? Korra Obidi Husband

Korra Obidi, a well-known Nigerian award-winning dancer and recording artist, is Justin Dean’s wife.

They had one child together, and Korra has simply given birth to another.

Korra shared the happy news with her Instagram followers in a video of her growing family.

In 2019, Korra Obidi Dean and her husband, Dr. Justin Dean, a sports activities therapist and chiropractor from the United States, had their first child. June Chidiebube Dean is her name.

He decided he wanted to be a chiropractor and work with athletes right immediately.

Dr. Justin wanted to be one of the top doctors on the planet, helping people reach their full potential.

Justin Dean And Korra Obidi Marriage ceremony Pictured

Justin Dean and Korra Obidi’s wedding ceremony was held in a very private setting.

Few people were allowed to attend the ceremony, and many people were viewing it on social media from afar.

For the time being, though, none of this matters because they are both getting divorced.

Justin revealed on his social media that he had accused Korra of being untrustworthy, and few people were aware of the fact.

However, they’re getting divorced now, as Justin’s facet indicates.

Justin Dean Divorced Allegedly Dishonest And Rumored Allegations

Justin announced his divorce from Korra Obidi on his social media profile on March 10, 2022.

Many people assumed it was a joke, but he proved them wrong.

In 2019, Korra and Dean tied the knot in Delta State. In the past, they had their second child every week.

Justin expressed his displeasure with Korra’s narcissism and lack of accountability in an Instagram post.

Justin has accused his wife of being untrustworthy, albeit the specifics of the accusation have yet to be released.

He has indicated that there have been troubles in his marriage that not everyone has been able to see.

Nonetheless, Korra has yet to say anything about the divorce, and fans are still expecting to hear her side of the storey.

On Instagram, you can find Justin Dean.

Dr. Justin Dean is a well-known Instagram personality with a following of over 281k people.

Regardless of whether or not he is a health care practitioner, Justin has always been a well-known figure.

Some people attribute Justin’s success to his wife Korra, although he has also established a name among the athletes.

He’s a well-known therapist who enjoys working with a wide range of people and athletes on the ground.

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