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You can rekindle your inner detective with the ambient and aesthetically pleasing investigative crime drama series ‘Young Wallander,’ created by Ben Harris. The tale is based on the characters developed by Swedish novelist Henning Mankell, and it centres around a younger version of the famous fictional investigator Kurt Wallander, who has become a household name. In the second season, the death of Elias Fagar causes Kurt to deviate from his trajectory, while also serves as a reminder to Frida Rask of the case involving the death of Jurgen Moberg in the first season. Meanwhile, Mona’s mysterious lawyer acquaintance causes a rift between Kurt and Mona, causing them to grow apart. Is it possible that she has a connection to the case? With the benefit of hindsight, we now know the truth about Mia. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mia In Young Wallander

Who is Mia? Is she Dead or Alive?

At the start of the second season, we are introduced to a new character who lives in Wallander’s house. Mia is a lawyer who is a friend of Kurt’s girlfriend, Mona, and she appears in the film. Mia appears to be assisting Mona with the refugee profiling process. She insinuates herself into Kurt’s conversation about the latest developments in the case of Elias’ death, but Kurt never shares sensitive material with anybody outside the police precinct. When Kurt refuses to divulge information, Mia tries to flirt with him in an attempt to gain his cooperation. It appears to be a little strange, but not peculiar enough to suggest a connection with the case.

The discovery of Mia’s true identity allows Kurt to see the world from an entirely different viewpoint. It is true that the woman’s real name is Amelia Holmgren, and she is the daughter of Edwin Holmgren, who represented the Fagar brothers in the Fagar brothers case eight years ago. Her participation also lends further credence to the scenario advanced by Kurt and Reza, according to which a third party assisted the Fagar brothers in entering the pool. Mia was tortured and assaulted by Jurgen Moberg, who treated her as if she were his own daughter. Mia is most likely the mastermind behind the entire murder scheme, seducing her classmate Elias with the love letters.

The Fagar brothers were sentenced to prison as a result of Mia’s deception and her father’s malicious mismanagement of the situation. If you recall from the beginning of the film, Soren Fagar agrees to beat up Moberg, but he does not recollect putting Moberg in the sauna, where Moberg died. When Soren finally gets his hands on Mia in the chapel, the storey comes to a satisfying conclusion. Kurt, Rask, and dad Holmgren come shortly after, but Amelia has already begun to converse with them in the interim. She expresses regret for the injustice that occurred and appears to be sincerely sad for what happened to Elias.

Soren Fagar loses eight years of his life as a result of his involvement in the murder plan. Soren goes to Elias’ apartment after his death in order to locate the love notes he had written to her. He eventually tracks them down to Amelia, but it takes him some time. In the dramatic conclusion, Soren is successful in extracting the truth from Amelia. During the heat of the moment, Amelia persuades Soren to use the kitchen knife. She incites Soren by claiming that Elias would not have been able to trap his brother if it weren’t for her intervention. However, in the conclusion, Soren puts an end to this cycle of violence and separates himself from Mia for the first time. Mia is still alive and well in the future, and she even gets away with it. Soren, on the other hand, is sent back to prison for violating his parole conditions.

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