Cherries Juice May Cut Risk of Gout Attack

The benefits of using cherries to treat gout.

1. Gout is a painful condition and a type of arthritis. This is where the blood contains too much uric acid and crystals begin to form in the joints. This triggers some severe pain and can cause permanent damage over time.

2. It is hard to treat gout with medicine, but there are some natural foods which you can use to ease your pain and protect the joints and tendons from long term damage.

3. Cherries have been scientifically shown to reduce uric acid levels in the blood, and bring down inflammation. This prevents new crystals from forming in the joints and reduces pain.

4. Black cherries also are known as dark cherries are the best, because they contain powerful flavonoid pigments which work fast to ease the problem.

5. You can also find similar benefits from raspberries and blueberries, but dark cherries have the best effect.

6. Taking one tablespoon of the liquid cherry extract every day for 4 months has been shown to reduce gout attacks by 50 per cent.

7. If you prefer you could eat dark cherries on a daily basis, but the liquid extract is more potent and will heal your body faster.

8. Usually, to help treat an episode of gout, doctors will prescribe a shot of corticosteroids, but these can cause problems and lower your immune system, so it is better to prevent gout from flaring up in the first place.

9. The celery seed extract is yet another powerful remedy which you can take alongside cherry extract. This helps your body to flush out the uric acid build-up by stimulating the kidneys before crystals are formed in the joints.

10. It is also recommended to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, as this can cause inflammation and irritate gout.

11. Being overweight can also put a strain on your body and kidneys, so try to keep within a healthy BMI range.

12. Black cherries have also shown to help prevent neurological diseases, and calm down the nervous system helping you to sleep better at night, treating depression and chronic headaches.