Coconut Oil Benefits for Eyelashes

The benefits of using coconut oil on the eyelashes.

1. Nowadays it is very popular in beauty to have long and thick eyelashes, and there are many mascara products and fake eyelashes that can be used. The problem with these it that they can cause your natural lashes to thin out and be less noticeable.

2. The eyelashes are natural protectors for the eyes, by blocking dust and allergens from getting into the eyes. Having thicker eyelashes helps this process.

3. Coconut oil has been used as a natural remedy for generations for all kinds of different health issues. It can be used to help the eyelashes grow.

For this remedy, you will need Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cotton Buds (Q-Tips)

Method: Simply use your cotton swab and gently apply the coconut oil around the eyelashes, between the hairs, making sure to coat the roots as much as possible. Do this every single day for 30 days and you will notice how wonderfully healthy and thick your eyelashes become. You can apply this to your eyebrows also for a similar effect. Coconut oil hardens when it is cold, so you may need to warm it slightly to make it into a thick liquid. Do not worry if you accidentally drip coconut oil in your eyes. This may make them blurry for 10 minutes but this will not cause any damage. In fact, coconut oil is often used in natural remedies to treat eye infections such as conjunctivitis.

4. The natural compounds in the coconut oil help new hair follicles to grow thicker, stronger and healthier.

5. The nutrients within also help to strengthen the existing eyelashes, making them less likely to break or fall out.

6. The coconut oil is also excellent for the skin and can be used to destroy pimples, skin infections and dry skin.

7. It also has a wonderful smell, which reminds me of summer holidays.

8. We recommend using less mascara or fake eyelashes during this natural treatment, just to give your eyelashes a chance to grow.