Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid Health

The health benefits of taking coconut oil for thyroid problems.

1. Coconut Oil is well known in the health community for its many benefits. It is becoming more popular to treat the symptoms of hypothyroidism and under-active thyroid.

2. The thyroid is a gland in the neck which releases hormones throughout the body which regulates your body temperature, metabolism, growth and brain development.

3. In many cases this gland can do not produce enough thyroid hormone to keep your body in balance, this makes you lose energy, and become sluggish as your body processes slow down. This often happens because of medication, ageing and eating lots of unhealthy fatty acids in our diet.

4. Coconut oil, however, contains a healthy saturated fat called lauric acid, and some other medium-chain fatty acids. This boosts the energy levels of the body and nourishes the thyroid gland, helping it to function more effectively.

5. When you eat coconut oil on a daily basis, your body converts the lauric acid into monolaurin which treats viruses, bacteria and parasites in the body.

6. This is also anti-inflammatory and will repair tissue and prevent microorganisms from causing damage to the cells.

7. The nourishment in coconut oil is similar to that found in a mother’s milk and therefore helps the body to heal, renew cells and grow.

8. There are many different ways of adding coconut oil to your diet. You can simply add it to your hot drinks, use in cooking as an alternative to vegetable oil, or add to delicious smoothies.

9. You should take at least 3 tablespoons a day of extra virgin coconut oil to reap these wonderful benefits, and treat thyroid problems.

10. Dry and flaky skin can also be caused by an underactive thyroid. Coconut oil can be gently massaged into the skin to moisturise and restore it.

11. Coconut oil also boosts the metabolism and helps you to lose weight. This works well for pregnant women who have a large appetite, and require more nutrients for their child.

12. It also works as a gentle and natural laxative which can be used to get rid of constipation.

13. An underactive thyroid can also cause your hair to fall out in some circumstances. Simply adding coconut oil to your diet will prevent this, and help the hair follicles to grow healthily.

14. The lauric acid also helps in balancing blood sugar levels, which may also be useful to those with diabetes.

15. Coconut oil is also used by bodybuilders to develop muscle tone and strength and is very energising before a workout.

16. I recommend using this as an alternative to vegetable oil, as this can reduce cholesterol levels, also helping to keep your heart healthy.

17. Those who suffer from stomach ulcers may use this along with red beetroot juice to heal themselves. Be sure to also take a multivitamin and mineral supplement for this problem.

18. You can also use this once or twice a week to brush your teeth. Its powerful anti-bacterial effects destroy plaque, tartar and oral bacteria. This promotes healthy teeth and gums.