Continous Craze of vanity numbers For Vehicles in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is known for Fashion, Entertainment and Hi-fi Lifestyle. Even COVID situation Failed to Stop chandigarhians, Today Vehicle number 0001 Sold for Rs 5.45 lakh at e-auction in Chandigarh.

Another Vanity number 0007 sold for Rs2.89 lakh; With this Transport Dept. of Chandigarh nets Rs54 lakh from sale of vanity numbers in the UT.

So with this sale, We can say that the craze for a vanity number is still on. The 0002 number was bought for Rs 1.05 lakh and 0003 was sold for Rs2.09 lakh. Most of the vanity numbers are from new series CH01 CB.

As per the records of Transport Dept., the highest bid for 0001 was made in the year 2012 when a resident of Sector 44 bought the Vanity number for the CH01 AP series by paying Rs 26.05 lakh.