Check DHL EFFIBOT DASH MOBILE GAME DESIGN CHALLENGE from Scholarships section on e akhabaar

Do you enjoy sketching and getting in touch with your creative side? Ever found yourself doodling and wondering what it would look like if it were brought to life? DHL are offering you that chance!

Our beloved EffiBOT is looking for a new level to explore on the DHL EffiBOT Dash mobile game app, so we’re opening a competition searching for the most creative designs out there.

The winner will get their level design built into the DHL EffiBOT Dash app as well as a prize worth €500.

All you need to do is download the DHL EffiBOT Dash template and create a new environment for EffiBOT to discover. You can sketch, photoshop, even paint over our template. Your new environment could be anything from a cityscape, mountainous location, or even a rainforest – the world is yours!

Who can participate?

Persons who are aged 18 years or over at the time of entry


Get inspired – Download the DHL EffiBOT Dash app on Android or Apple to get a feel for the game.

Make sure it’s feasible – EffiBOT and the layout of the road will stay the same. Your job is to design the world around it.

Make it original – At DHL, we love innovation, so the more creative, the better!

Once you are happy, upload your design below to officially enter our competition for a chance to win!

Competition closes at 23.55 BST on 18th August