Fast Ways to Lose Belly Fat Naturally | Weight Loss Diet Tips

Tips to Lose Your Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally

First is, practice drinking 3-4 liters of water every day. Now I can not stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated when you are looking to reduce your belly fat. Water flushes out toxins, improves your bowel movements, and keeps your metabolism up. The best time to drink water is early in the morning empty stomach. Make sure you make use of that time and drink 3-4 glasses of water in the morning. One thing I want to request you is that please don’t drink water along with your meals or just before or after meals. This hinders the digestion process and it is the last thing that you would need. Second is to eat raw vegetables. Now carrots, cucumbers, beetroots, cabbage, capsicum, onion, tomato, these are the things that you can easily eat raw. Just sprinkle lemon juice on it and they are ready to go. Make sure you eat at least one serving of raw vegetables every day. These are rich in antioxidants, fibers, vitamins, minerals which are very essential to cut the lower belly fat. Third is eat one handful of nuts. Almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, these are great sources of healthy fat.

Best Ways to Burn Belly Fat Faster

Always remember that good fat cuts bad fat. So you have to eat one handful of these nuts every day. Now, it is totally up to you if you want to have these in one serving or two servings. As far as almonds are concerned, you can soak them but please don’t remove the skin. It is rich in Vitamin E. Next is switch to low-fat dairy. Now dairy products are loaded with saturated fat. And saturated fat is one thing which you want to avoid if you are looking to cut fat from your body. So make sure you buy low-fat versions of milk, curd, paneer, and other dairy products. As far as milk is concerned, toned, double toned and skimmed milk are very easily available in the market. Now, you can use this low-fat milk to make paneer and curd at home. Next is to avoid junk food. Please remember that sugar and salt are your biggest enemies. And whatever you eat outside is either loaded with salt or is loaded with sugar. Where sugar is nothing but empty calories. Salt, on the other hand, holds water in your body and makes you gain weight. So, if you are looking for fast results, you have to cut down that junk food out of your diet. Even at home, minimize the use of sugar and salt. Next is to start using cooking sprays. Now, zero-calorie cooking sprays are very easily available in the market these days. Since long we have been using too much oil for cooking. When oil burns, it gets converted to bad fat. And all we are intaking is bad calories. So using a cooking spray will reduce your daily oil intake significantly. The whole idea is to use as less oil for cooking as possible. Also instead of using refined oils, start using better oils like olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, mustard oil. Next is sleep. Now, it has been scientifically proved that sleeping well keeps your food cravings low and helps you in weight loss. So make sure you have a sound sleep of 7-8 hours every night.

How To Lose Belly Fat: The Complete Guide

Next is you have to cut down carbohydrates. Indian eating style is full of carbohydrates. Now, we have been used to eating 4 chapatis per serving, a big bowl of rice, bread, potatoes. Now, these are very high in carbohydrates, Our body does not utilize all these carbohydrates and all the excess carbohydrates get stored as fat. Do you know that for one gram of carbohydrates that you eat, your body holds 3 grams of water? If you are serious about fat loss, you have to cut down on your daily carbohydrate intake. Now, have you ever noticed that your body feels full for a longer period of time when you eat roti that when you eat rice? Well, this is because we have been used to eating whole wheat roti and white rice. Where whole wheat roti is a whole grain, a complex carbohydrate. On the other white rice is a simple carbohydrate which is nothing but the refined version of brown rice. So make sure you switch to complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, brown rice, oats, and other whole grains. Complex carbohydrates are high in nutrition and fiber. They slowly release the energy and keep you full for a longer period of time.

High Protein Diet to Lose Stomach Fat

Next is to increase your protein intake. Now unfortunately in the Indian lifestyle, protein is missing. Protein is an essential macronutrient for the body which is responsible for the daily repair of the body, skin, and hair health. Do you know that eating protein reduces your food cravings by about 60 percent? This is because protein naturally has a complex structure. So when we eat protein our body finds it a little difficult to break it down. As a result, our tummy feels full. Try eating egg whites in the morning and you will find that your body feels full for a longer period of time. And why just egg whites, chicken breast, fish, paneer, lenteakhabaar, soybeans, soya chunks, pulses, these are all great sources of protein and should be in your diet on a daily basis. So next time when you have a meal, make sure it is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. My last point is a workout. Now, even if you apply these first 10 tips, you are bound to lose fat from your body. But to make the process faster, it is always better to work out. Now, to get the best possible result, your workout should be a combination of resistance training and cardio training. It is ok if you do not want to join a gym for resistance training. You can do bodyweight training like push-ups, pull-ups and there are a whole lot of bodyweight exercises that you can do at home. I had made workout at home series without equipment, you can check it out. Now even girls should do weight training as it is very effective for weight loss. Please don’t worry that you will get bulky muscles. This won’t happen because your body does not have that much testosterone to make you bulky. So friends, apply these 11 tips. And if you do that, I assure you that in 7 days you will see a visible reduction in not only your belly fat but also overall body fat.