Haryana General knowledge FOR HSSC Exam




 Q1. At which of the following place was the famous battle of Panipat fought?

(A) Kurukshetra (B) Sirsa (C) Panipat (D) Jind   (Ans : A)

 Q2. In 1526 the famous battle between Babar and Ibrahim Lodi was fought at—(A) Kurukshetra (B) Rewari (C) Panipat (D) Patiali   (Ans : C)

Q3. When was the famous battle of Panipat fought?(A) 1539 (B) 1556 (C) 1565 (D) 1576   (Ans : B)

Q4. The third battle of Panipat was fought between—(A) Ahmad Shah Abdali and Maratha rulers (B) Nadir Shah and Mohd. Shah (C) Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Mohd. Gauri (D) Sher Khan and Humayun   (Ans : A)

Q5. At which place of Haryana did Lord Krishna preach the message of Geeta ?(A) Ambala (B) Sonipat (C) Yamuna Nagar (D) Kurukshetra (Ans : D)

Q6. In 1947 when India was declared Independent, which of the following States was Haryana a part?(A) Delhi (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) Punjab (D) Jammu Kashmir (Ans : C)

Q7. When was the State of Haryana formed?(A) 1st Nov., 1966 (B) 10th Dec., 1966 (C) 2nd Jan., 1967 (D) 4th March, 1967   (Ans : A)

Q8. With how many states does the boundary of Haryana touch?(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 7   (Ans : B)

Q9. Which one of the following union Territories touches the boundary of Haryana?(A) Lakshadweep (B) Pondicherry (C) New Delhi (D) All the three   (Ans : C)

Q10. What is the total area of Haryana?(A) 44,212 km2 (B) 46,213 km2 (C) 48,314 km2 (D) 52,276 km2   (Ans : A)

Q11. How many districts are there in Haryana ?(A) 19 (B) 25 (C) 28 (D) 32   (Ans : A)

Q12. As per census of 2011 the total population of Haryana is—(A) 1,91,72,483 persons (B) 2,53,53,081 persons (C) 2,40,82,988 persons (D) 2,64,44,271 persons (Ans : B)

Q13. What is the percentage of country’s population in Haryana ?(A) 2.09% (B) 2.50% (C) 4% (D) 6%   (Ans : A)

Q14. In which of the districts of Haryana is the H.M.T. factory situated?(A) Patiala (B) Panchkula  (C) Ambala (D) Faridabad   (Ans : B)

Q15. Where is the Atlas Industry in Haryana situated?(A) Sonipat (B) Gurgaon (C) Hisar (D) Panchkula   (Ans : A)

Q16. Which one of the following is situated in Gurgaon of Haryana ?(A) Manufacturing of Rajdoot Motor Cycle (B) Manufacturing of Maruti Cars (C) Manufacturing of Tata-Sumo (D) All the above   (Ans : B)

Q17. In which district of Haryana is Rajdoot Motor Cycle manufactured ?(A) Hisar (B) Karnal (C) Ambala (D) Faridabad   (Ans : D)

Q18. Odinance regarding the prohibition of alcohol was passed on 1st July, 1996. Later on it was withdrawn on—(A) 1st April, 1998 (B) 1st April, 1997 (C) 1st June, 1998 (D) 1st Aug., 1997   (Ans : A)

Q19. In which of the following years was each village of Haryana electrified?(A) In 1968 (B) In 1970 (C) In 1972 (D) In 1976   (Ans : B)

Q20. According to 2001 census what is the percentage of Literacy in Haryana ?(A) 62.40% (B) 55.85% (C) 65.72% (D) 67.9%   (Ans : D)

Q21. Where has the National Research Institute in Haryana been established?(A) At Sirsa (B) At Kurushetra (C) At Karnal (D) At Jind   (Ans : C)

Q22. Which of the following Central Territory is the capital of Haryana ?(A) Chandigarh (B) Pondicherry (C) New Delhi (D) Lakshadweep   (Ans : A)

Q23. Which one of the following folk dances belongs to Haryana ?(A) Baoul (B) Yaksha-Gaan (C) Gidda (D) Biehu  (Ans : C)

Q24. Which of the following Indian players belongs to Haryana ?(A) Sunil Gavaskar (B) Kapil Dev (C) Sachin Tandulkar (D) Azharudeen  (Ans : B)

Q25. The turban, worn by males in Haryana is known as—(A) Toda (B) Muretha (C) Paggar (D) Khandwa  (Ans : D)