Health Benefits and Uses of Oregano Oil

The health benefits and uses of oregano oil

1. Wild oregano oil is a natural medicine which was used by the Ancient Greeks. This has some fantastic health benefits and uses for the human body

2. Oregano oil contains carvacrol which fights harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites in the body. Taking 1-3 capsules a day is excellent to fight off an infection in around 10 days.

3. It is used naturally to treat antibiotic-resistant infections such as MRSA and Staph Infections. It is also very effective at treating lung infections like bronchitis and pneumonia.

4. Antibiotic drugs can harm the friendly bacteria in the body, however, oregano oil is much healthier and helps to protect your intestinal flora.

5. Wild oregano oil is the best variety and is made from concentrated oils found in oregano leaves. These oils are extracted using steam distillation.

6. This oil is also rich in antioxidants which slow the effects of ageing. It reduces damage caused by free radicals to your DNA and its one of the prominent under health benefits of oregano oil.

7. You can use oregano oil for toenail fungus and athletes’ foot. Simply mix 3 drops of oregano oil with a little talcum powder. Apply this to the feet twice per day.

8. Taking this oil internally can destroy harmful parasites inside the body such as intestinal worms as it contains carvacrol, thymol and rosmarinic acid.

9. You can place a few drops of oregano oil onto the toothbrush and brush your teeth. It naturally helps to treat bad breath by destroying odour causing bacteria in the mouth. The carvacrol compound it contains has been shown to treat infections in the mouth caused by bacteria.

10. You can mix oregano oil with a little coconut oil to make a natural antiseptic. This can be used to clean cuts and wounds and help them to heal faster.

11. Oregano oil can also be mixed with alcohol to make a natural disinfectant for cleaning surfaces around the home or office.

12. Place 2 drops of oregano oil into the ear canal to fight ear infections. It’s natural healing compounds help to destroy the infection so that you can heal faster and count it as health benefits of oregano oil.

13. If you suffer from a cold or flu infection then consider taking 1-3 capsules per day for 10 days immediately. This can quickly speed up the healing process and make you more resistant to infections in the future.

14. If you suffer from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) then you can take oregano oil and apple cider vinegar daily to treat this condition.

15. You can also use this oil in an oil burner or diffuser. It contains natural aromatic compounds that help to relax the body in times of stress. 16. One of the active compounds in oregano oil is called thymol which helps to relax the soft tissues in the throat and stomach. This has been shown to help treat acid reflux, GERD or heartburn.

17. The rich contents of antioxidants and healthy compounds can help to relieve pain for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

18. Many people who suffer from asthma use this to reduce their symptoms. The oil taken internally or inhaled through steam can promote better airflow and easier breathing.

19. Oregano oil or extract is often used in natural acne creams as it helps to clear up the problem very quickly. We also recommend getting lots of Vitamin A (retinol) from the diet to prevent skin issues.

20. Adding a few drops to your regular shampoo can help to speed up hair growth and treat dry scalp. The natural compounds get rid of fungal infections in the scalp which may be blocking the hair follicles.

21. If you suffer from a bladder infection or urinary tract infection, oregano oil can help. As it is one of the best natural healers, you can take it to treat this.

22. Chronic sinusitis is a common condition where you get recurring infections in the nasal passages. Place a few drops of wild oregano oil in a neti pot with salt water and rinse to clear this problem.

23. Mix a few drops of oregano oil with some coconut oil and apply to ringworm around the groin. This destroys fungal infections and will cure the problem over the course of 2-3 weeks.

24. It is also used in many massage oils to relieve muscular pain in the body. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also helps to relieve itching and insect stings and bites.

25. Oregano oil has been scientifically shown to be one of the best cockroach repellents. Cockroaches despise the strong aroma and stay away for at least a week when this is used around the home. As you can see wild oregano oil is one of the best natural healers and is a very concentrated natural oil.