Health Benefits of Bergamot Oil

The health benefits and uses of bergamot oil.

1. Bergamot oil is cold-pressed from the peel of a green citrus fruit known as the Bergamot Orange. This essential oil has been used for many years in Chinese medicine to treat different health problems.

2. It was more widely made in Southern Italy and named after the city of Bergamo in Lombardy, where the Italians used this for treating the common cold and soothing a sore throat.

3. The Italians also use Bergamot oil to break a fever and kill of parasites which may be living in the digestive system.

4. One of the most common herbal teas is called Earl Gray, which is a blend of tea leaves and bergamot oil. This is very calming and is one of the best drinks for reducing depression.

5. The oil can be applied to the chest and inhaled to relieve tension. Studies show that this can lower stress, reducing the pulse rate and lower blood pressure. The oil contains natural aromatic compounds which relieve stress and relax the body and mind.

6. A few drops of food-grade bergamot oil can be added to food. This helps the digestive system in releasing more bile and breaking down fatty foods.

7. Research shows that bergamot oil lowers high blood pressure naturally by lowering the stress hormone called cortisol.

8. Traditional Chinese medicine uses bergamot essential oil to soothe the digestive system and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the body.

9. The Chinese also actively use this oil on the skin to relieve muscle pain and improve skin health and longevity.

10. Companies that make wonderful perfumes add bergamot oil to their blends and it helps to balance the mixture of aromas.

11. The drug companies also use it to absorb unpleasant medical smells and for its antibacterial properties. It works as an antiseptic so works well when used with medicine.

12. If you suffer with anxiety then you may apply 2 drops of this oil to the temples each day. It can lower stress and agitation, helping to continue daily tasks with more focus and clarity.

13. Many people also add a few drops of bergamot oil to their deodorant and use this to keep the body smell fresh and hygienic.

14. It can also be used in room diffusers and burners to release a wonderful aroma and neutralise foul smells.

15. This oil is often blended with others to create combinations such as with sandalwood, lemon, cedarwood etc… This is a wonderful way to make a natural cologne for men.

16. It can be used on the toothbrush and in the mouth to destroy harmful bacteria and reduce plaque. Essential oils are a great way of improving oral health.

17. If you are suffering from a cough or want to stop yourself from catching it off another person, bergamot oil can help. Apply a few drops to the chest or in a room diffuser to prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria.

18. When using bergamot oil internally, be sure to only use small amounts with food. Always look for “food grade” for a pure oil that has not been blended with carrier oils.

19. Applying this to the skin is a wonderful way to promote rejuvenation, however, do not do this if you expect to be out in the sun too long.

20. You can also use bergamot oil for beard growth and hair growth. Massaging a small amount to the base of the hair helps to nourish the roots and strengthen the follicles.

21. People also use bergamot oil for Vitiligo, a condition where there are patchy areas of skin. Bergamot contains Bergaptenes which can have a photosensitising effect on the skin.

22. The oil is sometimes used in flavouring a sweet known as Turkish Delights. These are small square indulgent treats to enjoy on special occasions.