Health Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

The health benefits of broccoli sprouts and how to grow them easily at home.  

1. Broccoli sprouts are extremely young broccoli which has recently begun sprouting from the seeds.   This is one of the healthiest vegetables that you can eat and contains concentrated nutrients which have been shown to protect the body from cancer.  

2. The young sprouts are best to eat on the third day after they have been sprouted from seeds. They contain up to 100 times more chemoprotective compounds than fully grown broccoli.  

3. The nutrients in broccoli are more concentrated in sprout form, as they need these to grow into a mature plant. These nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body.  

4. Broccoli sprouts are also an excellent source of glucoraphanin. When eaten, this creates a compound called sulforaphane which detoxifies the body from pollutants.  

5. If you do have cancer, adding this superfood to your diet will help your body to fight off the disease. They can be added to salads or blended into smoothies for easy absorption.  

6. They naturally lower triglycerides in the blood and lower blood pressure. This helps you to maintain a strong and healthy heart.  

7. The powerful sulforaphane in the sprouts also has been shown to protect the body from osteoporosis.  

8. Broccoli sprouts contain less vitamin K and C than mature broccoli, which is why we recommend eating both fully grown and sprout varieties together for maximum nutrition.  

9. Many people suffer from an infection of h.pylori bacteria. Broccoli sprouts help to prevent this from spreading and protect the stomach lining from damage.  

10. Those who suffer from breathing problems should add these to their diet, as the sulforaphane can remove harmful toxins from the lungs, and improve respiration.  

11. It also reduces swelling in the brain and can be beneficial for those who have a history of strokes or brain injuries.  

12. The broccoli sprouts themselves also contain a healthy dose of iron and calcium, which helps those suffering from anaemia.  

To grow these easily at home, you can purchase broccoli seeds and add 1-2 tablespoons to a small container. Cover with warm water and soak overnight before draining. Keep these in a warm dark place and rinse the seeds with mineral water three times per day. The seeds will split within a few days. Wait until the sprouts are around 1 inch long and then keep them in the sun. The sprouts are ready to be eaten when the leaves are over an inch in length and a dark shade of green.