Health Benefits of Camu Camu Powder

The health benefits of camu camu powder

1. Camu Camu is a wild berry which grows in the Amazon rainforest. This has been used for over 700 years by Amazonian Indians and is used as natural medicine.

2. The berries are dried and ground into a fine powder. This can be purchased in health food stores and taken daily to boost health.

3. Camu Camu is high in Vitamin C which helps your body to make important collagen. This protein supports healthy skin, muscles and bones.

4. The high vitamin C content also strengthens the immune system, making your body stronger at fighting infections and diseases.

5. You can place a teaspoon of camu camu powder in a glass of water and drink daily. You could also blend this into healthy smoothies and juices.

6. Scientific studies show that camu camu can reduce blood sugar spikes after eating a high carb meal. This lowers the risk of weight gain and diabetes.

7. The powder also helps the friendly bacteria in your gut to grow. This helps you to absorb more nutrients from the foods that you eat.

8. Foods rich in Vitamin C like camu camu, amla and other berries can cure bowel disorders such as the leaky gut. This would also improve skin conditions such as Psoriasis.

9. Camu Camu also has been shown to destroy harmful bacteria and invaders such as the strep virus.

10. You can easily add a scoop of camu camu into your breakfast cereal or perhaps in a delicious pot of natural Greek yoghurt.

11. 1 teaspoon of this powder contains 682mg of Vitamin C. Do not consume more than 2-3 teaspoons a day, as the body cannot tolerate anything above 2000mg. Too much would cause diarrhoea.

12. The powder can also be used to treat viral infections such as herpes, cold sores and the common cold. It speeds up the healing process of the body naturally.

13. It also contains phytonutrients and enzymes which help to strengthen your digestive system and overall health.