Health Benefits of Coconut Meat

The health benefits of coconut meat.

1. Coconuts are the world’s largest tree nut. Inside they contain a liquid known as coconut water. They also contain a white flesh known as coconut meat.

2. Coconut meat has some wonderful health benefits for the human body. These grow in tropical and warm climates and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

3. The human body needs a high amount of potassium to function at its best. 100g of coconut meat contains 356mg of potassium which helps to aid blood flow around the body.

4. The white flesh is an excellent source of energy for the body as it contains healthy fats known as MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides).

5. MCT does not only feed the bodies millions of cells with ketones but also sharpen the brain making you think more clearly.

6. Eating coconut oil or coconut meat often can enhance memory and recall, so we highly recommend eating this when studying.

7. Coconut meat also contains a high amount of insoluble fibre, which helps to flush the digestive system and reduce the risk of bowel disease.

8. Coconut oil is saturated within its white fleshy meat. Scientific studies show that this can boost the health of the heart and prevent the risk of heart disease.

9. The MCT’s mentioned earlier make you feel full and less likely to overeat. These are pure nutrition and coconut is therefore great to consume when trying to lose weight.

10. The natural fat also helps your body to absorb fat-soluble nutrients such as Vitamin A, E, D and K. Eat this alongside animal-based foods for the best effects.

11. Coconut trees pull a lot of high-quality trace minerals from the soils beneath their roots. These become a part of the flesh ready to be eaten. When you consume coconut meat, you absorb these trace minerals which can improve your immunity, brain, liver and hormone functions.

12. We recommend shredding coconut meat and adding to delicious salads. Try to produce healthy salads with bitter leafy greens, healthy meats or fish and a good quality dressing with extra virgin oils like coconut or olive.

13. Coconut meat also works well stirred into delicious home-made stews or stir-fries. Experiment making your own healthy combinations.

14. You can also dry this out in a dehydrator and then add this to fibrous cereals like oatmeal.

15. The water found in the fruits is a superb source of electrolytes like potassium.