Health benefits of Lemon and Cucumber Water Detox Drink

The health benefits of cucumber and lemon water, and how to make this at home.

1. The modern lifestyle has us eating all kinds of unhealthy foods which cause us to gain weight and clog our arteries.

2. This causes lots of fat build up around the belly and all over the body, putting you at risk of heart attacks, strokes and many other problems.

3. You can drink a simple cucumber and lemon water to detox your body every now and then, to clear out fat and boost your health.

4. Lemons have been used for thousands of years as a body cleanser, containing citric acid and a powerful oil within the peel.

5. They rejuvenate energy levels in the body, purify the skin and stimulate drainage of the lymphatic system.

6. Lemon Cucumber detox drink works to get rid of toxins in the body, clearing out bad cholesterol and underline infections. 7. Cucumber is very anti-inflammatory and will get rid of bloating and water retention. This helps the stomach to reduce in size quickly.

8. Lemon Cucumber detox drink also boost the digestive system and help you to process foods quickly. This rapidly speeds up the detox.

To make this Lemon Cucumber detox drink you will need 1 Infuser Bottle Or Jug ½ Lemon ½ Cucumber

Method: Slice the lemon and cucumber as thinly as possible using a sharp knife. Be sure to keep the skin on, as this contains the most nutrients. Add these to the centre compartment of your infuser bottle. If you don’t have one of these, simply add them to a large jug. Fill your infuser bottle or jug with water, and allow this to infuse in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

9. The nutrients from the lemon and cucumber will seep into the water. It tastes very refreshing and will begin to detox your body immediately.

10. I recommend drinking this at least twice a day and try to cut back on starchy foods like bread and pasta.

11. Also avoid sugary drinks, and coffee during the detox. You will see noticeable results and weight loss in a matter of days.

12. Continue this process for 1-2 weeks. You can add other healthy fruits, herbs and vegetables seen in our other videos.

13. Be sure to experiment, and make your own delicious flavour combinations. Limes may also be used instead of lemons.

I also like to add freshly grated ginger to this, as this is one of my favourite superfoods.