Health Benefits Of Moringa Seeds For Skin and Hair

The Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

1. Moringa is well known as natural medicine, however, the seeds can also be eaten for some extra benefits.

2. Moringa seeds provide the body with lots of energy and are a great natural alternative to energy drinks.

3. These moringa seeds are anti-inflammatory and are used to treat arthritis, muscle and joint pain.

4. You can eat them raw, by peeling away the shell and eating only the white part. I recommend eating only 3-6 seeds per day as they are very powerful.

5. Moringa seeds also have antibiotic properties and can be used to treat sexually transmitted diseases, acne and other infections.

6. You can also roast the seeds, by placing them on a tray and baking for 5-10 minutes. These roasted seeds act as a diuretic, therefore you may use the toilet more often. This will release toxins from the body.

7. Those who have epilepsy may find that regular consumption of these moringa seeds will act as a relaxant for their condition.

8. They also can be used as an anti-fungal for fungal infections.

9. Moringa seeds can also be used to purify water, please see our other video on this to learn more.

10. They are also used in perfumes and hair products, due to their healing properties.

11. The oil pressed from the seeds is also used to lubricate small machinery.

12. You can also grind the moringa seeds to a powder and use topically to treat skin infections and acne.

13. The same oil can also be ground to a powder and used topically to treat skin infections and acne.