Health Benefits of Strawberries

The health benefits and uses of strawberries

1. Garden strawberries are bright red delicious fruits which grow all over the world. They were originally cultivated in France in the 1750s and are now one of the most popular berries.

2. Strawberries contain a high amount of Vitamin C which supports a healthy immune system and produce healthy skin, teeth, bones and ligaments.

3. Studies show that eating these often can reduce the risk of heart disease. They contain anthocyanins, quercetin and potassium which strengthens the heart, veins and arteries.

4. Eating half a cup of strawberries a day is a good way to boost antioxidants in your body. These fight the effects of ageing and protect against free radical damage.

5. Berries in general lower inflammation in the body and act as natural pain killers. These can be blended into healthy breakfast smoothies.

6. The antioxidants in strawberries have also been shown to lower the risk of cancer. They can inhibit the growth of tumours and cancerous cells.

7. Potassium is one of the main minerals needed by the human body. 1 cup of chopped strawberries supplies 254mg of potassium. This helps to control blood pressure levels.

8. You can add sliced strawberries to a chicken salad to add a little sweetness, rather than using unhealthy dressings or marinates.

9. We love making strawberry and banana smoothies during the summer months. Add some kurly kale and sea salt to make an electrolyte drink packed with potassium

10. Strawberries are high in water and fibre content which helps to relieve constipation. This also feeds the friendly bacteria in the gut to protect from bowel cancer.

11. They are rich in folate which is especially important for pregnant women or older adults. Folate is one of the B vitamins (B9) and helps to strengthen the nervous system and reduce stress.

12. They are also high in manganese, an important nutrient needed for the functions of hundreds of different processes in the body. You find many minerals like this in berries and plant-based foods.

13. Strawberries also contain small amounts of iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, vitamin B6, K and E.

14. Many people like to mash strawberries and mix in with their general toothpaste. These act as a whitening agent and kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.

15. Eating strawberries also helps the skin to clear up from irritation, acne, pimples and dermatitis due to its high vitamin c content.

16. A gel made from blended strawberries can be swirled into Greek yoghurt for a healthy pudding or breakfast.

17. The leaves of the strawberry plant can also be steeped in warm water to make a powerful herbal tea. To learn more about this, please see our other video.

18. Many people slice away the leaves on the top of a strawberry, however, we recommend eating them. They contain chlorophyll and extra nutrients to support a healthy body.

19. Blending a few strawberries and adding to soda water with stevia makes for a healthy and low carb drink. It tastes delicious and cuts out the need for unhealthy sodas and juices.