Health Benefits of the Miracle Fruit (Calabash)

The benefits and uses of miracle fruit, also known as miracle berry.

1. Miracle fruit is a berry which comes from the synsepalum dulcifium. This is native to West Africa.

2. When eaten, it can make bitter and sour foods taste sweet. This is has made the berries very popular in recent years.

3. This is caused by a protein contained within the berry called miraculin. The berries their selves are not sweet but the miraculin binds with sweet receptors on the tongue.

4. This makes acidic foods taste sweet such as lemons, limes, vinegar and more. Hence this is popular to do as a game and at parties.

5. Once you have eaten a berry, the effect can last between half an hour to 2 hours.

6. They can be bought in powder form online rather than using the berries if you are just using this for fun.

7. The berries their selves, however, are very nutrient-dense and therefore have some great health benefits too.

8. They are great for diabetics to use as a natural sweetener, as it will make your food taste better, without the need for sugar.

9. They are also loaded with antioxidants and contain vitamins C, A and E.

10. Leucine is also present in miracle fruit. This is an amino acid which helps to trigger muscle growth. This is great for bodybuilders and those looking to gain muscular weight.

11. Those who are undergoing chemotherapy can use miracle fruit to get rid of the metal taste that often occurs in the mouth.

12. The berries were traditionally used in Africa to enhance the flavour of food. Their staple diet consisted of sour foods such as stale bread gruel, sour bread, beer and fermented palm wine. This was first documented in the 1700s.

13. I would recommend trying strawberries, pineapple and broccoli after eating miracle berry, for a sensational treat.