Herbal Senna Tea Health Benefits

The health benefits of Senna Herb Tea.

1. Senna tea is a powerful herbal medicine which is used in many parts of the world. This is also known as Akalpulco leaves.

2. The dried leaves of this plant (The Cassia Alata) are boiled in hot water to produce a tea. This is well known for its ability to fight fungal infections.

3. The leaves contain Chrytophanic Acid. This destroys ringworms, scabies, intestinal parasites and eczema.

4. This is commonly added to soaps and shampoos in the Philippines as it helps to destroy any fungus or bacteria on the skin.

5. It can also be soaked into a cotton pad and applied to the skin to reduce itchiness and heal insect bites. It has an anti-inflammatory effect which reduces redness.

6. Senna tea has been approved as a non-prescription laxative in some countries. This helps you to use the toilet if you are constipated. This should be drinking at night before you go to sleep.

7. It is helpful to drink this when trying to lose weight, as it can get the bowels moving and boost metabolism.

8. The tea should only drink for 7 days, as it can cause diarrhoea and a loss of electrolytes if used long term or too often.

9. Drinking this also helps to reduce inflammation in the joints and muscles for those with arthritis, gout, rheumatism or bursitis.

10. Traditionally it was used to prevent symptoms of lung problems such as bronchitis, coughs or asthma attacks.

11. Gargling this mixture works as a mouth wash to relieve ulcers, sores and toothache.