High Protein Rich Indian Breakfast Recipes


Some of the protein rich healthiest Indian breakfast recipes are:

  • Dalia or Porridge: This is another healthy and tasty breakfast recipe. Just roast some dalia, soak it in water for 10 minutes, boil it in milk until completely soft and cooked. Add sugar or honey as per your preference.
  • Kabuli Chana: Kabuli Chana or chickpeas are a healthy and tasty breakfast alone. They are very nutritious and a great source of fiber. You can also add roasted peanuts for crunchiness and extra taste.
  • Sooji Ka Halwa: Easy to make, energetic, quick and tasty
  • Milk + Banana: Very nutritious and a great source of energy
  • Omelet: Make an omelet for yourself as per your liking. There are over thousands of recipes on the internet.
  • Eggs Bhurji: For eggs bhurji take some eggs, add kabuli chana and fresh veggies as per your liking such as onion, carrots, tomatoes, spinach etc.