How to Clear IELTS Reading Exam

The IELTS Reading segment is isolated into three sections, with an aggregate of 40 questions. You are given one hour to finish this area. You will likewise need to answer at least 30 questions effectively (out of 40) to accomplish band 7 or above. Here are our top tips on how you can accomplish this:

• With just an hour to finish this area, it will challenge your abilities in completing every one of the inquiries in the apportioned time. You should build up your speed-perusing and checking abilities so as to peruse and find data and replies in the tests gave rapidly.

Guarantee you invest energy sustaining this ability, as you should take in the data as you rapidly perused it. Skim perusing without training will restrict you from handling significant data successfully. You are tried on your capacity to productively find answers during the time given, and comprehend the sentences containing key data. This is the place preparing your checking aptitudes will prove to be useful.

Notwithstanding, a couple of inquiries do require a progressively exhaustive comprehension of the entry. These inquiries include coordinating headings and choosing titles. To score well during these progressively definite inquiries, be careful about these parts and some other exceptional highlights including italics, capital letters, or figures and diagrams.

• Participants with a wide vocabulary are at a gigantic favorable position, and bound to score band 7 or above.This is because the IELTS reading test is designed to assess how varied your vocabulary is by using the following components correctly in sentences:

o Synonyms – words or a phrase that means almost the same as another word or phrase. E.g. ‘important’ and ‘essential’, or ‘positive’ and ‘optimistic’

o Paraphrasing – expressing something using different words

o Singular nouns – naming one person, place or object

o Plural nouns – naming more than one person, place or object