How To Crack IBPS PO Without Coaching with Strategy

Quantitative Aptitude

Below are the preparation tips for Quantitative Aptitude:

How To Prepare For Bank Exam Without Coaching: Quantitative Aptitude Preparation

Follow school level syllabus of elementary Mathematics, this will help you in covering most of the topics.

Memorise the important formulas, tables, and theorems.

Solve the practice test papers topic wise.

Practice as much mock test papers as you can.

Mark your strong and weak topics; practice your weak topics more.

Practice and know various kinds of questions. The same question can be asked in a different way in the exam.

Reasoning Ability

Below are the preparation tips for Reasoning Ability:

How To Prepare For Bank Exam Without Coaching: Reasoning Ability Preparation

Start off your preparation with the important topics and then go on to topics that can score you well.

Make a timetable for preparing each and every topic according to the difficulty level.

Make note of important points and steps to solve questions.

Go through example questions and practice as many questions as possible of every type, especially from the difficult topics.

Do not start a new topic at the last moment.

Revise regularly.

Computer Awareness

Below are the preparation tips for Computer Awareness:

How To Prepare For Bank Exam Without Coaching: Computer Awareness Preparation

Solve computer quizzes on a daily basis.

Do practice on a desktop to understand the basics have a practical knowledge.

Practice keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft Office, etc. on the computer, it helps you get practical knowledge.

Refer to your academic books for a general knowledge of computer software and hardware.

Jot down important points related to every topic and revise them regularly.

Have a basic understanding of how computer systems work.

General Awareness

Below are the preparation tips for General Awareness:

How To Prepare For Bank Exam Without Coaching: General Awareness Preparation

Allot one hour every day to study for the general awareness section.

Take GK quizzes to test your general knowledge.

Read newspapers and magazines often to stay updated on current events and issues.

Revise regularly.

Glance through the Class 10 level textbooks of History and Geography.

English Language

Below are the preparation tips for the English Language:

How to prepare for bank exam without coaching: English Language preparation

Read books and newspaper on a daily basis.

Make notes of any new word you come across to use it in your writings.

Practice writing as much as you can, that helps in improving your understanding of grammar.

Have a basic conversation with people in English language to speed up your English thinking process.

Focus on synonyms and antonyms, prepositions, conjunctions, tenses, etc.

Watching English series or movies to assist your grammar and vocabulary understanding.