How to Find the Best ECHS Hospital in Chandigarh?

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Whether you need a consultation for your critical illness or have planned for a surgery as directed by your physician, choosing the best hospital for your treatment is the most crucial decision. You should check the quality, cleanliness, and service of the hospital, along with the expertise of the doctors in the hospital.

To make it easy for you, we have discussed some of the most important factors that you should look at before shortlisting the Best ECHS hospital in Chandigarh for your treatment.

Reviews and Ratings of Best ECHS hospital in Chandigarh

First and foremost, find out what people are saying about the hospital both positively and negatively. Newspapers, websites, and magazines are the places where you can look for reviews and ratings. Check on the hospital’s website and social media about customer feedback and the ratings.  This needs to be very important to know about the place where you are going to undergo the most important surgery of your life.

Check specialties in Best ECHS hospital in Chandigarh

After understanding your problem try to find a hospital that has specialized doctors to handle and treat your ailment. You can either go for the hospitals that name themselves after their specialties like Maternity hospital, Spine Hospital, or Heart Hospital, etc or you can visit others that have specialist doctors for the treatment.

Insurance Cover in Best ECHS hospital in Chandigarh

If you are an Ex-servicemen pensioner and your dependent or you have health coverage, make sure the facility you choose accepts your insurance and your ECHS card. Not every hospital or doctor accepts every type of healthcare policy so it is crucial to ask first before any large “surprise” medical charges will be included in your bill.


Cleanliness, sanitation, and food hygiene are the other important medical facilities that you should look to select the right place for you. Many hospitals in Chandigarh allow you first to have a look at their luxurious rooms and amenities to draw your attention. For example, some hospitals have special birthing facilities to have space in the room for new parents to bond with their newborn babies.


Find out the qualification and specialty-related details of the doctors upfront. A specialist surgeon must have a fellowship in specialized treatment—also, board certification and a year’s specific training in surgery.

So, choose the best hospital based on these factors and have a safe and secure medical experience. If you found this research difficult then contact Indus Hospital, the leading ECHS hospital in Chandigarh. Visit today to ask a few questions and check the infrastructure and specialists too.