How to Get Freelancing Projects for Digital Marketing

Tips to do Freelance Digital Marketing

When you try to get freelancing Digital marketing projects, People will ask you for your portfolio whenever you will approach them regarding digital marketing services But you don’t have a portfolio so how you will get projects and that person logic is also genuine because why would somebody give you money unless they know your level or he would offer you less money for your service.

The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Digital Marketing

You can get data from just dials or Indiamart those people who are spending 3-5k on these websites are ready to pay money for his business so they will also be ready to give you 5k for website get a database from just dial and India mart and make a list then start calling is free so start calling. And I know 50% o people will cut your call before even listen and that is okay and out of 50 left people, 40 will listen to you until the end and out o 40 let’s assume you got 5 meetings and one client on a daily basis so isn’t enough? you will get 30 clients in a month and you can also offer them recurring services SEO work is monthly so you will get 5k each month on a regular basis and then it will grow exponentially.

Now talk about the international market because In India people don’t have enough money to spend on marketing because Indian clients consider marketing as an expense and international clients considered this as an investment so the strategies I told you above most of them will work with them too we can do E-mail. we will see different types of businesses in New York (For example) and we will see what they are doing and then we will make our strategic plan and will send them through email so let’s suppose you grab an industry of mobile phones so same strategy will work for everyone but you can make Lil bit changes on a behalf of locations so you make a strategic plan and sent them after making required changes now after reading the strategy if they think you have potential but you also have to see a projection you can show you will earn this amount of the money by investing this and all the second thing is to educate them. You can write blogs or make videos or add someone’s else videos you can refer a blog or website regarding a particular service According to me, you will get a 15-16% conversion rate if you sent a good email to a targeted audience And don’t send email through mail chimp. Try to send through Gmail or through your company email because it should look like professional not spamming We have to tell them what problem we have seen and how they can improve it with some refer blogs or videos and at the end say than you and contact us if you need any help. Insert your website link and website should be good because if it is not then nothing will happen so you take them to your website then he will get to know about you and you will also able to re-market.