How to play PUBG in India after Ban

Yes, You can play PUBG in India. But there is a catch in this. Let’s explain how to play PUBG mobile in India but you should know some basics.

This Ban on PUBG is only to its Mobile App. You can Stil play PUBG on laptops and computers. As we all know there are two PUBG apps. Originally the PUBG game was made for computers by a South Korean company. This PUBG game for laptops and desktops remains available in India. On the other side, The PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are the games made Tencent, a Chinese company, under licence from the Korean company. From Now on, These two PUBG mobile apps have been banned.

What it means in simple words is that you can still play PUBG game in India on a computer desktop or laptop. But you can no longer play it on the mobile phone.

But there are ways to play PUBG mobile with some Tech Helps. Here is How to play PUBG in India after the ban

In PUBG’s case, You can Play PUBG Mobile using VPNs to bypass the ban. Normally VPNs are not that good for gaming, but after some testing, we’ve found some VPN services to play PUBG in India after the ban. Most of the free VPN services are not available for iPhone users. So Android users can still play PUBG in India after ban.

Here is the Step by Step Guide on How You Can Still Play PUBG Mobile in India

1. Download VPN Master
2. Change Your proxy to any other country
3. Now restart PUBG
4. Enjoy your game