How to prepare for CBSE Board exams in Short Time ?

If you haven’t prepared yet for your CBSE Exams then start now, We are giving out some tips on how you can prepare for CBSE Board exams in Short Time

1. Don’t panic. You still have around 50 days. Mind you, When I say this, I am not encouraging you to procrastinate but I just mean to say that you can still score good marks if you study properly

2. It is very easy to pass in NCERT exams. Just take last 10 years question papers and figure out the pattern in which they ask questions. You will easily figure out the pattern in which they repeat same questions. Study all those for sure.

3. Don’t skip few chapters and study others in detail. Study all chapters. Usually there is a fixed or very closely related weightage to every chapter which you can figure out from the analysis you have done in (Point 2). If you are skipping a chapter then keep in mind that you are losing marks for that chapter. There is no need to do PHD level study of any particular chapter as the level of questions asked are very superficial and basic

4. SOLVE QUESTION PAPERS SERIOUSLY. This is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT and effective thing you can do to introspect and analyze your current position and improve it. Get 3-4 question papers of every subject printed today itself (DONT PROCRASTINATE FOR THIS) and make a proper schedule when will you appear for mock test of that particular subject and follow that schedule seriously without fail.

5. While appearing for mock tests, Try to keep your surrounding as close to the exam environment. Use a TIMER. Don’t move from your place for 2-3 hours while writing mock paper. DON’T CHEAT. If you cheat you are just fooling yourself, mera kuch nahi jata usme. After the end of exam write on the back of question paper which questions you could not answer/solve and STUDY THOSE QUESTIONS. Appear for at least 2 mocks per subject like this

Some more points which are just icing on top of the cake and not the core ones

1. Write answers in good handwriting2. Dont SKIP any question if you have time, Write bullshit, Make your own theories. But remember that this is the LAST OPTION in case you are in exam hall and about to fail.

You will say that you already knew these points. But believe me, This is all you need for a decent score in board exams.