How to support a cancer patient emotionally

Tips to Talk with Cancer Patients and Support them Emotionally:

  • Don’t Ignore them: – Some people react very strangely when they come to know that their known person gets cancer because they don’t know how to handle it. Instead of avoiding, you can say that “I am here for you and always with you whenever you need me”. If you can’t face that person then you can send a note that “I am thinking of you or missing you” but at least stay connected with that person.
  • Think Before You Speak: – Before speaking anything in front of a patient, just keep in mind that your words can hurt him/her or decrease the confidence of fighting with disease. You should avoid the words like “hero” or “battles”. You just think that if you were in your friend’s shoes then what you would you like to listen from him.
  • Follow Their Lead: – It is not about all the time you have to speak something to him/her but you can give him/her chance to set the tone about what he/she wants to talk. It can’t be all time discussion about cancer but that person can want to speak something else. You should give him/her chance to be normal as soon as possible. You can share something funny with him/her. If your friend wants to speak about cancer then you have to hide your pity eyes or voice from him/her.
  • Avoid Talking About Your Personal Problems: – You shouldn’t lose your focus in front of your friend so you should avoid talking about your headache, backache, and other problems. He/she may not be interested to listen to your problems because of having his/her own problem. You can’t force him/her to make you feel comfortable.
  • Have Sympathetic Ear: – The best thing you can do for your friend is to listen and only listen to him/her. Don’t interrupt the person in-between and let him/her complete so that he/she may feel a little bit relaxed. It is not necessary to answer all the time but you can hear patiently. Sometimes the patient is not in mood to speak or talk anything, so let him/her sit calmly.
  • No need to Minimize their Experience: – Sometimes you little/simple words like “Don’t worry, you will be fine soon” can hurt the patient deeply because you don’t know about it exactly and second thing, you don’t know in which condition he/she is passing through, what types of pain he/she is feeling. You just have to create that type of circumstances in which he/she may discuss about their fears and concerns.
  • Don’t Interfere: – It is advisable that you shouldn’t ask about numbers or tumor markers of the patient. If they want to share some information like blood results or something else with you then let them share. Except this, you shouldn’t also ask any personal questions about sex and religion.
  • Avoid Commenting About Physical Assessment: – You should avoid commenting about how they look. You should not point out about their weight loss or hair loss, if they just have started the treatment. Along with this, you shouldn’t ask about potential side-effects. These things can make them weaker.
  • Don’t Compare with Anyone: – Everyone experiences the cancer differently so no need to compare to your friend with anyone else to whom you know. You just have to realize that person you still love and care for him/her. You can just give them a hug. You can surprise them with magazine, bringing a favorite dish, books, music.
  • Tell them Encouraging Stories: – You should share success stories of long-term cancer survivor to encourage the patient. No two cancer patients have same experience. If there are two persons having same type of cancer then you can offer to connect both of them.

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