How to use chia seeds for weight loss?

You can use Chia Seed Water for Weight Loss

Chia Seeds and Weight Loss: Why they Are Effective?

Chia seeds are 40% fibre, by weight. Because of their high percentage of fibre, chia seeds can absorb up to 10-12 times their weight in water, developing a gel-like consistency and expanding in your stomach. This boosts your satiety and slow absorption of food, automatically curbing your urge to consume more calories. Since an ounce of these seeds contains only 1g net carbs, it again helps in weight management. Combining chia seeds with a healthy lifestyle can increase its benefits for your body.

Benefits Of CHIA SEEDS for Weight loss

Compared to may plant foods, these seeds are quite high in quality protein. Especially for people who eat little or no animal protein, they are an excellent protein source. They also contain a good balance of essential amino acids which our bodies can make use of in daily activities.