ICL Surgery Procedure and Benefits

ICL Surgery

ICL (Implantable Collamer lens) Surgery

If you are unfit for Lasik, don’t be disheartened. We can implant ICL in your eye to provide you HIGH DEFINITION VISION without tempering with the cornea. ICL is the latest United States‘s FDA approved lens made in Switzerland made to order as permeasurement of your eye. Our goal is a satisfied smiling patient with better vision without glasses.

Q What is ICL?

ICL is a type of PHAKIC I0L which is a thin lens which is implanted in front of the natural eye lens inside the eye to provide freedom from glasses.

Q It is better than contact lens?

Contact lens is temporary and one has to daily apply the lenses. But in ICL, procedure is permanent with more high definition vision especially in cases with cylinder power. Also , it doesn’t move with your eye blinking and doesn’t cause dryness in your eyes.

Q Why should I opt for ICL surgery?

• It is the LATEST surgery which also has America’s FDA approval, along with 99% patient satisfaction rate.

Benefits of ICL Surgery for Specs Removal:

• High definition sharp vision
• Excellent night vision
• No dryness in eyes
• UV protection (feature of ICL lens)
• 15-20 minute procedure with early resumption to daily work in a few days