IELTS Listening Exam Tips | How to Get band 9 in IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening Exam Tips : It is considered to be one of the easiest exams amongst all. Still, you need your utmost focus in this exam rather than others. Yes, because you will get to hear some recordings and based on that you will have to give your answers.

Steps to Get band 9 in IELTS Listening

  • IELTS Listening exam consists of 4 recordings where you will get 30 minutes to hear the recordings. You will have to answer 40 questions; 10 each for 4 recordings. Next 10 minutes will help you to transfer your answer in your sheet.
  • You can hear the recording only ONCE.
  • The best thing will be if you write in the capital letters because it will be easy for the examiner to check your answers. Capital letters are more visible than the small letters. DON’T USE CURSIVE HANDWRITING.
  • While you hear the recording, don’t try to understand everything. Listen to the keywords and find your answers. It will save you time and also help you to move on to the next sentence.
  • Remember, all the answers come in a continuous flow. For example, if you have got your 2nd answer, then you are moved on to find your 3rd answer. And if you have got your 4th answers, that means you have missed your 3rd answer.
  • The 1st recording will be much easier than the 4th recording. As the exam progresses, you will start getting difficult questions.
  • Focus on the instructions given in the exam sheet. They may confuse you with words such as ‘not more than 3 words’, ‘2 or 3 words’, etc.
  • A date ‘2023’ is considered to be 1 number. A hyphenated word ‘part-time’ is considered to be a word.
  • For wrong spelling, there are no marks so be careful while transferring your answers.
  • However, there is no negative marking so that you can guess an answer if you have missed to listening.
  • If you get multiple choice question, then don’t write the word or sentence which is associated with the options. Just write your answer as ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.