IELTS Speaking and Writing Section Preparation for Beginners

Like for example strting with listening section before getting into it understand the format. As there are 4 section. And each section has 10 question .The 1st and 4th section are blanks. Try to get 18 or 19/20 in blanks. And remaing section are hard but not that difficult if you practise section wise. And yes though your english is quite good stream english series. I used to get around 6.5 in listening. But streaming series on regular basis,as it not boring it really improved my score upto 8.

Reading section: In this portion i ll suggest just dnt stress much. first at begining find out what are the question types and practise those types seprately. Calm yourself by stating that “answer is already in the text and we just have to stay focus” as this task require much patience. Keep practising and find your mistakes. second thing keep reading as fast as you can with proper understanding of content.

Writing section: In this, what examiner first see is the 4 criteria that are

  1. Task achievement: in this read the question more than 2 times. Than only you can answer what is asked. Dont get offtracked. If u provide what is alsed than only this criteria is fullfilled.
  2. Coherent and cohesion: which means the information or idea u present in 1st para muat b link or make a sense with the continue para. It must seems like the content is in flow and nothing is offbit
  3. Grammar: In this if you are clear with your base (article,puncutation,spelling,etc)
  4. Lexical resource: which means how good you are at using synoyms or new words (wide range of vocabs). To be honest i suggest keep essay as simple as you. As more it is easy to understand the more you are able to score high. Or i would provide such an answer that …if the essay is given to small kid …even he can understand better.

Amd yes be aware of the question types and plan your strcuture accordingly.

Speaking section: keep it natural. Dont try to mug up any amswer. It fine to read content but elaborate it yourself.

  • Maintain an eye contact with the examiner
  • Impression does make an importance so dress well. And make positive approach.
  • Be confident though you dont feel it show it.
  • Fluency is must. Once valid or correct content is missing its okk…but be fluent and cofident while speaking.

Listening and speaking are sections where one score their good.