IELTS Study Plan – Best way to prepare each module in IELTS Exam

Take a look at best way to prepare each module in IELTS Exam

Best Way to Prepare for IELTS Reading Test

  • Read Newspapers and Novels daily to improve your reading skills.
  • Prepare reading module only from official materials.
  • Understand each question type in IELTS reading by taking mock test from verified source.
  • Concentrate on developing your skills in vocabulary and grammar.
  • Practice skimming and scanning technique to improve your score in IELTS reading.

Best way to Prepare for IELTS Listening Test

  • Understand the IELTS listening test pattern and question types.
  • Focus on improving your listening skills.
  • Listening to Podcasts and Tedx talks will help you improve your listening skills.
  • While you listen practice repeating the same.
  • Practice listening exercises from official practice material.
  • Be relaxed and attentive while your listen to the audio.

Best way to prepare for IELTS Writing Test

  • Know the difference between IELTS writing task for Academic and General.
  • Understand the difference between writing task 1 and writing task 2.
  • Improve your vocabulary and grammar.
  • Practice writing task 1 by taking some sample charts and get verified by experts.
  • Practice writing task 2 by writing an essay on previously asked topics.
  • Take some sample mock test online and review the score.
  • Vocabulary and sentence formation is the key to success in IELTS writing. So focus more on this area when you prepare.

Best way to prepare for IELTS Speaking Test

  • Speaking spontaneously is very important in IELTS speaking test. So, develop your speaking ability to speak spontaneously.
  • Try to speak in English in your daily routine with your family or friends.
  • Get a speaking partner to practice your speaking. You can get speaking partner through online groups or you can ask your fellow classmates in IELTS coaching class.
  • Try to take speaking mock tests and reviewed by experts.

The above mentioned methods and practices are the best way to prepare for IELTS exam.