Inspirational Story : One Bollywood Actor Send poor Migrants by taking buses on rent

Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood is known for his Social Work, But today he is winning hearts by sending 350 migrants home, from Maharashtra to Karnataka with permissions from both the governments.

sonu sood helping migrant labour

We at E akhabaar publishing this inspirational story so that people must know the good work done by anyone in this time of crisis.

sonu sood social help

Bollywood Actress Kavita wrote on twitter : Sonu Sood sending migrants by buses hired by him with all permissions from the respective states govts for their travels ! A compassionate human, an Actor by profession doing someone else’s job because he has a Heart

sonu sood migrant help

Sonu Sood doing various social works during this Covid-19 Pandemic, Here are few listed by us

1. He arranged transport for migrants stuck in Mumbai.
2. He is feeding 45,000 people daily in Mumbai.
3. Offers his hotel for healthcare workers to stay.
4. Sonu Sood to provide food to 25,000 migrant workers during Ramzan .
5. He sends a truck full of groceries for 100 families.