Instant Bhature Recipe | Bhatura without Yeast

फूले फूले मुलायम भटूरे झटपट बनायें Recipe

Today we are preparing Instant bhatura.

We have already prepared Chole and suddenly realize that we should also make bhature.

So we will prepare Bhature instantly.

Let’s start preparing it.

We have taken 2 cup refined flour in a bowl and 3 boiled potatoes.

We have taken peeled potatoes.

Let us grate these potatoes very finely and mix them with the refined flour.

Take a grater with fine holes to finely grate the potatoes.

The potatoes are now grated and ready.

We will take 1/4 cup semolina and add it to the refined flour and we also add 1/2 cup curd, 1/2 tsp salt, less than 1/4 tsp baking soda, add 2 tsp oil.

Mix all the ingredients well.

Add the grated potatoes to the refined flour and we mix it well with hand.

For bhature we prepare a soft dough, add little water and prepare a soft dough like that of a paratha neither too soft nor too stiff.

Dough is now ready.

Take a little oil, grease your hands and smoothen the dough.

Dough is now ready.

Spread a little oil over the dough and keep it covered for 15 to 20 minutes to set after that we will make bhature.

For this we have used more than 1/ 4 cup of water.

Cover the dough.

20 minutes are over.

Dough is now puffed and ready.

Grease the hands with a little oil and smoothen the dough a bit.

Now take small dough balls out of the dough.

Dust your hands with some dry refiened flour and make dough balls from the dough.

We can make the bhature big or small as desired.

Make round dough balls like this.

Dough balls are now ready.

Now let us roll out the bhatura.

We can roll out the bhatura with a bit of oil, grease the rolling pin and board with a bit of oil.

Grease like this. Spread a little oil on the rolling board.

Pick up a dough ball and press it with hands like this and roll out like this.

For rolling out the bhatura if we pick it like this it shrinks a bit.

After rolling out a bit we roll out the bhatura on the rolling board and rather than picking up the bhatura we rotate the rolling board like this.

We can roll the bhatura in oval or round shape as desired.

We are preparing this bhatura in oval shape.

flatten it thin like a parantha, neither very thin nor very thick, keep it slightly thick.

Bhatura is rolled out and ready.

Let usl check if the oil is hot enough.

For this we break a little dough and put it into the oil.

The dough should instantly get fried and rise over the oil because for frying the bhature we want the oil to be hot enough.

The dough ball is fried and raised.

Oil is hot enough let’s start with frying the bhatura.

Place the bhatura into oil in the wok to fry.

And press it like this with a slotted laddle.

Bhatura is puffed now we flip it and fry it till golden brown from both sides.

Bhatura is golden brown from both sides now we sieve it out.

Hold it like this over the wok for a while so that the extra oil goes back into the wok and place the bhatura in a plate.

We can also roll out the bhatura by dusting it with refined flour.

We have made a dough ball and dusted it with dry refined flour and flatten it like earlier.

In this we don’t have to rotate the rolling pin, we pick the bhatura, flip it and roll it out on a rolling pin. Roll it out like a parantha.

As the bhatura sticks on the rolling pin spread a little refined flour like this and roll it out.

You can roll out the bhatura in whichever way you want.

Put the bhatura to fry.

And press it the same way with a slotted ladle and let it puff up.

If the oil is too hot lower the flame and we will prepare all bhature like this.

This much quantity o dough is sufficient for making 8 to 10 bhaturas.

Instant bhaturas are now ready and very delicious and are very easy to prepare.

Make sure you grate the potatoes finely with a fine grater so that they are kneaded well with the dough.

While preparing the dough add little quantity of water and don’t knead soft dough keep it a bit stiff.

Because the moisture fro the potatoes goes into the dough and the dough is later soft.

We have put the potatoes into the dough to make it soft and puffy.

Dahi and baking soda also makes the bhatura soft.

We have added semolina to the bhatura to keep it puffy for a long time and prepare good bhatura.