Interview Question: What Are Your Salary Expectation

What do I do if they want to discuss salary in my interview?

There is a simple answer to this…DONT!. Not only should you NEVER be the one to bring up salary negotiations in an interview, but you also want to try to avoid the discussion altogether. If the employer insists then you must handle the matter carefully. Here are a few tips: if asked, always be honest about the rate of pay from your current or last job. If they decide to hire you, they will eventually find out what it was, so it is not to your advantage to inflate or give them a different figure. Do not be the first to name a figure regarding pay. You do not want to lowball yourself or potentially price yourself out of the job. Do what you can to deflect answering the question, but if they do insist the best response you could give would be: Based on the responsibilities that are involved with the position and the level of importance I know that this company places on the role I am confident that the right candidate will be properly compensated.

Of all of the interview questions, you will face, this is one answer you will want to remember, it is by far the safest and best route to take. And remember, try not to have the salary discussion, it will not help your chances in an interview.