Is eating Too Much Protein Bad for Your Health?

Is eating too much protein bad?

Protein helps build new cells and repair old ones. As it boosts muscle strength, high-protein diets are beneficial for athletes. However, eating just protein could be a bad idea. Firstly, full-fat dairy products and red meat. Which are high in proteins also contain saturated fat. Studies suggest that saturated fat increases bad cholesterol. Thus increasing the risk of heart diseases. Secondly, excess protein can cause damage in people. With preexisting kidney disorders. Why? Because weak kidneys have to work harder. To remove excess nitrogen found in proteins. Thirdly, the high-protein diet restricts our carbohydrate intake. So, through a process called ketosis. Our body begins to breakdown stored fats to produce energy. But as this process produces smelly gas, it leads to bad breath. Lastly, dietary fibre regulates bowel movements. So, a carnivore diet. Which includes mostly animal protein and no fibre can cause constipation.