Is Fermented Food good for your health?

Beneficial bacteria and enzymes in fermented food adds up to your overall intestinal flora

It’s AumSum Time. Is fermented food good for us? No. French Fries are the best for me. Alright. Now, listen. Fermentation is a process in which natural bacteria and yeast. Breakdown the sugar and starch present in the food. Producing lactic acid and other compounds. For decades, fermenting was a technique to preserve food. However, nowadays, fermented food is getting a lot of attention. Because of the benefits it provides. Firstly, as fermented food is predigested or broken down by bacteria. These foods are easier for us to digest. Secondly, fermentation increases nutritional value. By producing beneficial enzymes and vitamins. Thirdly, as microorganisms breakdown lactose present in the food. Lactose intolerant people can eat yoghurt and other fermented milk products. Lastly, fermented foods contain probiotics which are good or friendly bacteria. They improve our gut health, thus leading to a healthy immune system.