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There are many general surgery hospitals where people consult for surgical procedures. It is extremely important to take good care of yourself after you have finished your surgery. Anybody who has undergone surgery would want to recover as soon as possible. But this is only achievable if you consider some self-care tips post-surgery. Below you can find some helpful tips to be followed by the patients to heal quickly.

1 – Follow the Instruction Given by Your Doctor

The doctor who has treated you will give you ample advice regarding how to take care of yourself after the surgery. But not every patient will respect the instructions given by their doctors. You must take your medication prescribed by your doctor.

Besides, if you were advised not to do any physical activity, you must not do it. Once your surgery is over, you should not lift anything heavy. Also, you may only take a shower after a few days because you should not wet your wound.

2 – Take Your Medications as Advised

The prescribed medicines should be taken on time at home. The medicines will be for healing the incisions made for surgery and the pain. You might even get the medicines from the general surgery hospital. Make sure to have your medicines correctly without any fail, as it can help you heal faster and reduce the effect of pain.

3 – Ease into Activity

You will be tired after your surgery as you have taken anaesthesia and many medications during the surgery. You need to rest properly and try not to move vigorously to prevent the incision from opening. Normal walking at home can be fine and mild movements might be required to increase the blood flow in your body.

4 – Check for Signs of a Blood Clot

If you have any kind of pain or swelling, discoloured skin, veins looking larger than normal, then you must consult with your doctor. Your doctor will advise you regarding the after-effects that you may experience. But if you find anything else other than that, it is necessary to tell your doctor about it.

5 – Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is good to avoid direct sunlight for six months after your surgery. When the sunlight hits your incision directly, the scar might get darker, and it can be noticed easily. But if you need to go out and if the incision made for the surgery in the visible areas, then cover it with a neat cloth.

6 – Be Patient

Recovery after a keyhole surgery may take some time. So, you have to patient with it. If your doctor has asked you to rest for a particular period, you must do it. Being stubborn and ignoring the advice can create more problems. You do not want to have an infection or pain after your surgery. So, consider the words of your doctor.

Besides all the self-care tips, make sure you go for the follow-up check-up with your doctor on time in the general surgery hospital. Clean your wound as said by the doctor. But before cleaning you must wash your hands with soap and water. You must drink enough water and eat well to be healthy and strong again.


When you cough or sneeze, be careful not to put more pressure on the incision area. Remember that recovering from a keyhole surgery should never be complicated, so be well prepared for everything. With numerous general surgery hospital in Kolkata, you can look out for, which tops the list.

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