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Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure, but it can be managed properly with treatments and a healthy lifestyle. It is caused by having too little or no insulin in the blood, either due to reduced production of insulin by the pancreas or insufficient sensitivity of cells to insulin, so there doesn’t seem to be one specific cause for the disease. If not controlled, this can lead to serious health problems such as blindness, kidney failure, stroke, and even death. 

Best Hospital, the best multispeciality hospital in Boisar,  deals with diabetes management. We understand how crucial it is to have the right treatment and lifestyle changes to combat the problems associated with diabetes. Although, diabetes does not require continued hospitalization, managing it every day is of paramount importance to the patient’s health. Let’s check out a few tips from experts for easy management of diabetes. 

6 Meals Per Day 

Diabetes management is a challenging process that requires a lot of self-control and discipline. A diet plan can help in controlling blood sugar levels by lowering the risk of developing complications. A healthy diet consists of at least three balanced meals and three snacks per day. This is also recommended by nutritionists and diabetologists. One should have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with healthy servings of snacks at least three times a day. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Diabetes is a type of metabolic disorder that affects the way your body processes nutrients and sugars. The key to managing diabetes is maintaining a healthy weight. For example, people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to develop heart disease or other medical complications if they don’t manage their weight effectively. Maintaining a healthy weight may not seem like an easy task at first, but there are ways to keep the scale moving in the right direction: eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise. 

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can help manage diabetes. Exercises that target specific areas of the body and specific goals are recommended. Some exercises are suitable for people with type 1 diabetes, while others are best for people with type 2 diabetes. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels and maintain healthy cardiovascular function. You can include a combination of aerobic activities, muscle strengthening, stretching, and balance exercises for best results.

Take Care of Feet

If you have diabetes, you should make sure to take proper care of your feet. Get rid of any corns and calluses before it gets worse. It is important that you keep your feet clean, dry out the area gently, and apply moisturizer regularly. Change your socks every day to prevent blisters. When choosing socks, make sure they are not too tight, and not too loose on your foot.

Monitor Your Glucose Levels

A glucometer, is a small device that measures blood glucose levels in the body. It is typically used by patients with diabetes or other serious metabolic disorders to help manage their conditions. You must have a glucometer at home for self-monitoring. By checking your blood sugar levels, you can get an early warning system and avoid serious complications down the line.

Take Your Medicines Regularly

A lot of diabetes patients do not take their medicine as prescribed due to various reasons. But, this is a big mistake and can lead to serious health problems in the future. You must take your medicine as prescribed because it will help to stay healthy and safe in the long run.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Diabetics are more prone to gum and tooth decay. They can also cause dry mouth and tooth erosion. To prevent it, brush your teeth more often than usual, floss every day, and use an electric toothbrush for the best results. Also, do not forget your regular visits to a dentist. 

Take Away!

 Living a healthy life with diabetes is challenging yet not impossible. Diabetes can cause weight gain, low-stress levels, poor work performance and sleep problems. Managing diabetes is not easy as there are a lot of factors involved that make it difficult to get healthy. This is the time when you need the best Diabetes specialist doctors in Boisar, Palghar, by your side. Get in touch with our doctors to get yourself checked for diabetes and get proper treatment. We can help you lead a healthier life with diabetes!

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