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Intensive care units or ICU are an integral part of any medical institution for a long time now. Since the introduction in 1854, primarily as intensive nursing care, ICU is now a critical aspect of any medical line. Especially in current times when the pandemic situation is responsible for the lives of hundreds and thousands of people dying every day.

Almost all good hospitals will have their designated spaces for ICUs. Whenever looking for the best ICU in Kolkata, ensure that you understand how these units work to make an informed choice. Admission to regular hospitals or ICU depends on the assessment of doctors and specialists.

What Is An ICU?

ICU or commonly referred to as a critical block, are specific units responsible for caring for a patient in critical condition. A trained and highly experienced team of doctors and staff is responsible for everything inside a critical unit.

The ICU hospital in Kolkata team mostly include –

  • Specially trained nurses
  • Experienced Physicians
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Care Unit Managers
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Other Staff

Patients with serious injuries or accidents stay in ICU for getting prompt care and monitoring. ICU hospital in Kolkata works round the clock like every other ICU unit in the world.

Who Would Need Critical Care?

Critical care is imperative for every patient who is seriously ill. It does not matter if they are infants or elderly. Patient’s health conditions can specify whether they would need admission to an ICU or not. Make sure to check what all facilities hospitals provide when choosing the best ICU in Kolkata.

The critical condition of patients requires special medical care and treatment. People who have to go under an invasive surgery or situation where surgeries outcome was life-threatening are admission to ICUs. ICU hospitals in Kolkata see everyday cases of critical accidents and traumatic surgeries.

Common conditions of patients requiring critical care and admission to an ICU are as follows –

  • Brain Trauma & Injuries
  • Blood Infections
  • Drug-resistance infection
  • Heart Conditions
  • Lung Problems
  • Organ Trauma or Failure
  • Accidents and other serious injuries

What Happens After ICU Admission?

ICU treatments go on till the time the patient does not recover or make significant improvements. After the

patient is no longer in danger due to their illness or injury, they are discharged from the ICU. The ICU team

makes sure to make a treatment and care plan for the patient before shifting them.

Improvement in the health condition of the patient does not mean that they do not require medical attention. It only signifies that the patient is stable and does not require critical care’s attention.


There can be a thousand reasons to get someone admitted to a hospital’s critical care until it is crucial to find the best ICU in Kolkata. Not every hospital has a dedicated and specialised team to understand the specific needs of ICU care. Most of the time, the patients coming out of an ICU require a long treatment and therapy. Significant time and series of treatments are necessary for getting completely fine.

During these arduous situations, where everyone is uncertain of their health, you need to have a list of the best ICU in Kolkata as the need may arise anytime. being one of the top ICU hospitals in Kolkata can top your list under any situations.

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