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Have you been suggested to have a Sonography? Did you ever make the search – Sonography centres near me? Well, there can be many different thoughts in your mind when you have to undergo sonography. One thought could be a relief because it will help you know if you have any serious health problems. Another thought could be fear because you don’t know what to expect from the procedure. 

Relax! Sonography does not cause any pain or discomfort, so if you are worried there is no need to be scared. Let’s understand Sonography in detail.

What is Sonography? 

Sonography is a medical imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves and a computer to produce images of internal organs, blood vessels, or other bodily structures. The sound waves are transmitted through the body and reflected back to a receiver, where they are processed to produce an image. It reveals the size, shape, and density of the internal body structures, which can be helpful in terms of diagnosing medical conditions. The brighter the sonography image, the denser and harder the tissue, and the more high-frequency sound waves bounce back to the transducer. It emits high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible. 

What is the purpose of Sonography?

There are many uses for sonography. An abdomen can be viewed with this imaging technique without the need for an incision. Using abdominal ultrasound, we can diagnose medical conditions such as gallstones, kidney stones, aortic aneurysm, liver disease, enlarged organ development in fetuses and many more. 

Doctors may suggest Sonography to examine the medical conditions such as breast lumps, ovarian cysts, joint pain, testicular lumps, appendicitis, fibroid, hydrocephaly, ectopic pregnancy, intracranial haemorrhage, prenatal development, etc.

The procedure of Sonography (Abdomen)

There are different types of sonography imaging including abdominal sonography which is used to diagnose problems with the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. In this sonography process, a patient may be asked to stay empty stomach (mostly in the case of gallbladder examination) or to fill drink a lot of water before undergoing sonography (mostly in the case of bladder examination). It is best to consult your doctor about it when they recommend sonography. 

The procedure includes the following steps:

  • The patient lies on their back on an examination table.
  • The examiner applies a gel to the patient’s skin over the area of interest.
  • A transducer is placed against the skin and moved slowly across it in order to get an image.
  • The images are then recorded by a computer for viewing by the doctor or other medical professional.

The Difference: Sonography vs. Ultrasound

The two terms are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences between them. 

  • An ultrasound is a tool that can be used to take a picture (usually what we see on a computer screen during a sonography procedure). This mode of imaging is the most common form of diagnosis.
  • A sonogram is a picture that is taken by ultrasound. (usually what we see in a report containing images)
  • The use of an ultrasound tool for diagnostic purposes is called sonography.

Overall, an ultrasound is a process, a sonogram is the end result and sonography is a technique. 


The use of sonography, a non-invasive imaging technique, can help doctors make more accurate diagnoses by referring to sonography reports. They may suggest repeat sonography for treatment results if they are not satisfied with the diagnosis, in case they suspect another medical condition that needs to be ruled out or wants to check the treatment response. Best Hospital, the best multispeciality hospital in Boisar, is known for its excellent diagnostic technology. We provide Sonography, X-ray, and other diagnostic services in Boisar. Once at Best Hospital, our patients get complete care under one roof. Get in touch with our expert doctors for your healthcare needs. We are always here for you, Boisar!

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