List of Herbs that Kill Viruses and treatment of viral infections by natural therapies

A list of 16 Herbs That Kill Viruses and treat viral infections

A virus is a small infectious agent that can infect the living cells inside the human body. These can be very dangerous for your health and are the cause of infections like coughs, colds, flu, cold sores and many others. The good news is that there are some anti-viral herbs that effectively kill viruses whilst also clearing mucus from the lungs.

In this article, we will explore 16 of these powerful herbs and explain how they help to protect and heal the human body.

1. Wild Oregano Oil: This is one of the most powerful natural immune boosters when it comes to the fighting virus that attacks the lungs and respiratory system. It contains natural compounds like carvacrol which helps to fight off cold, flu, coronavirus, strep throat, sinusitis and more infections. Taking this also reduces the risk of infection.

2. Mullein: Mullein leaves and flowers have been used to fight viruses and ailments for thousands of years. These are effective at treating lung infections, earaches, bronchitis, coughs, asthma and TB. It specifically removes mucus from the lungs when used on a regular basis.

3. White Horehound: The is to treat many different health problems but is best known as a remedy for respiratory infections like cough, bronchitis, TB or swollen breathing passages. The natural compounds within help to relax the bronchial muscles so that you can breathe easier, whilst allowing for fast removal of mucus from the lungs.

4. Colloidal Siler Silver has been used as a natural medicine since ancient times to treat many different ailments including the bubonic plague. Colloidal silver is a mixture of silver particles in the water which helps to fight viruses such as HIV in AIDS patients. It slows down the effects of hepatitis C and is a powerful anti-viral in general. It fights viruses by blocking their access to oxygen in the body, essential suffocating the virus so it cannot do damage to the body.

5. Andrographis: This is a traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herb which contains anti-viral compounds. Andrographis is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of respiratory infections by reducing sinus problems, runny nose tonsillitis and general cold and flu. It has also been shown to help those suffering with a fever and more infectious viral agents.

6. Elderberry: Black elderberries have been used to speed up the healing process after catching a viral infection. Taking 60ml elderberry extract daily for adults helps to speed up recovery of flu to around 3 full days. It does this by binding to virus proteins and stops them from invading healthy cells.

7. Thyme: This herb is a delicious cooking ingredient but also works to reduce coughing and respiratory infections. It contains natural compounds that lower inflammation in the lungs and respiratory tract, helping to fight cold, flu and other pathogens.

8. Garlic This is one of the most potent anti-viral agents on the planet and fights all kinds of infectious agents. It is known as a broad spectrum healer as it contains compounds that enhance the activity of immune cells. Consuming garlic regularly helps to protect you from catching a viral infection.

9. Olive Leaf: The leaves of the olive tree contain natural substances called elenoic acid and calcium elongate. These have been scientifically shown to inhibit or block a wide range of viruses in laboratory tests including influenza, polio, herpes, coxsackie and many other viruses. They block certain enzymes so that viruses cannot replicate inside the body.

10. Liquorice Root: Licorice contains two substances which prevent viruses from copying their selves and replicating in the body. Glycyrrhizin blocks viruses ability to penetrate inside healthy cells so that they cannot spread. This is effective in many viral illnesses including hepatitis and strains of HIV.

11. Marshmallow Root: This is a soothing herb for irritated airways in the lungs and mucus membranes. It contains coumarin, kaempferol and other compounds that are anti-viral. This is often used to treat coughs and can help to relieve inflamed throats and help to expel mucous from the lungs.

12. Pau D’Arco: This herbal remedy is made from the bark of a tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest. It contains quinoids which damage the DNA and RNA inside viruses, in order to prevent from infecting healthy cells. This stops viruses in the tracks before they have the chance to replicate and hijack human cells.

13. Peppermint: Peppermint contains a powerful compound called menthol which is well known to improving breathing. It helps to relax the muscles inside the respiratory tract and also has antioxidant and antihistamine properties. It is often used as a decongestant to help clear our mucus and promote fast healing of the lungs.

14. Eucalyptus: The leaves of this plant are most commonly used as a decongestant and have been shown to fight viruses and bacterial infections. Eucalyptus oil can be used in vaporizers or rubbed on the chest to help remove phlegm from the lungs and fight respiratory tract infections.

15. Echinacea: Echinacea is very supportive of the immune system and has been shown to have a direct anti-viral action against bronchitis and colds. This is a flower in the daisy family and both its roots and leaves are also used in herbal medicine.

16. Green Tea: Matcha green tea contains some powerful flavonoids that inhibit viral infections by blocking the enzymes that allow viruses to reproduce. We recommend drinking this on a daily basis to help support the immune system. This drink is effective and inhibiting herpes, hepatitis b, HIV and many other viruses. As you can see there are many herbs that kill viruses and help to clear mucus from the lungs.

These 16 herbs have been carefully selected as they are some of the most effective and helping to relieve coughs, colds, flu, and upper respiratory infections. Viruses are adaptive invaders which can interfere with the body’s natural processes, so we recommend consuming foods daily which will strengthen the immune system.