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Questions for Market Research Analyst:

Question: Price, _____, _____and Physical distribution are the four main elements in marketing

(a) Product, Sales

(b) Sales, Advertising

(c) Product, Promotion

(d) Promotion, Purchasing

Ans. (c)

Question: Information that is usually represented as words, not numbers:

(a) Qualitative data

(b) Primary data

(c) Quantitative data

(d) Scientific data

Ans. (c)

Question: Research simply means a search for __

(a) Problems

(b) facts

(c) results

(d) topics

Ans. (b)

Question: __ research is a systematic gathering of information among individuals and collectives?

(a) casestudy

(b) survey

(c) content analysis

(d) focus interview

Ans. (b)

Question: The extent to which a product or service may be customized is called ___?

(a) variability

(b) validity

(c) variety

(d) variation

Ans. (a)

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Question: __ research is problem oriented and action directed?

(a) analytical research

(b) action research

(c) applied research

Ans. (c)

Question: The search for answers to research questions is called collection of __.

(a) Facts

(b) Data

(c) Evidences

(d) Reasons

Ans. (b)

Question: Who defines research as a systematic, controlled, empirical and critical investigation?

(a) Spencer

(b) Weber

(c) Kerlinger

(d) Morry

Ans. (c)

Question: The process in which one idea is allowed to stimulate another without reaching a decision about whether any of the ideas are valid :

(a) Creative process

(b) Brainstorming

(c) Dilemma

(d) Ambiguous idea

Ans. (b)

Question: __ method can be applied only where a high degree of precision is not necessary.

(a) Case study

(b) Local correspondents

(c) Simple random questionnaire

(d) Mailed

Ans. (b)

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Question: ___ research is directed towards the solution to an immediate, specific and practical problem.

(a) Basic

(b) Diagnostic

(c) Applied

(d) Descriptive

Ans. (c)

Question: __ means basing conclusions on facts without any bias and value judgment.

(a) Subjectivity

(b) Objectivity

(c) Research

(d) Theory

Ans. (b)

Question: Comparing a firm’s performance measurements against major competitors is known as ____?

(a) Brainstorming

(b) Benchmarking

(c) Balanced Scorecard

(d) Quality circle

Ans. (b)

Question: Relation with other aspects of research creates __?

(a) value related problem

(b) ethical problem

(c) personal prejudice and bias

Ans. (b)

Question: A ___ question can be answered in one of the two responses.

(a) open type

(b) closed type

(c) dichotomous

(d) multiple choice

Ans. (c)

Question: Who said that research studies have differing degrees of purity and applicability?

(a) Faraday

(b) July Simon

(c) Bogardus

(d) Morry

Ans. (d)

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Question: The purpose of research is to discover answers to questions through application of __?

(a) scientific method

(b) scientific research

(c) scientific procedure

Ans. (c)

Question: __ indicates a plan of action to be carried out in connection with proposed research work.

(a) Research proposal

(b) Research abstract

(c) Research methodology

(d) Research design

Ans. (d)

Question: Which of the following functions of an organization consists of all activities directly related to the production of a good or service?

(a) Operations

(b) Marketing

(c) Accounting

(d) Finance

Ans. (a)

Question: Who defined research as a systematic development of logically related prepositions?

(a) Black & champion

(b) Comte

(c) Weber

(d) Morry

Ans. (a)

Question: ___ research focuses primarily on the meaning of subjective attributes of individuals or groups.

(a) Quantitative

(b) Qualitative

(c) Social science

(d) Descriptive

Ans. (b)

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Question: __ as a set of systematically interrelated concepts, definition prepositions?

(a) fact

(b) research

(c) theory

Ans. (c)

Question: The research which enables an ad agency to better understand how consumers use a product or service is, ____

(a) Evaluative Research

(b) Strategic research

(c) Target Research

(d) Consumer Research

Ans. (b)

Question: The __ type of questionnaire calls for a free response in the respondent’s own words.

(a) Closed

(b) Open

(c) Structured

(d) unstructured

Ans. (b)

Question: It enables the researcher to relate logically known facts to intelligent guesses about unknown conditions.

(a) Research design

(b) Pre-test

(c) Hypothesis

(d) Pilot study

Ans. (c)

Question: An intensive study of a particular case is __

(a) content analysis

(b) case study

(c) research design

Ans. (b)

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Question: A researcher is generally expected to:

(a) Study the existing literature in a field

(b) Generate new principles and theories

(c) Synthesize the ideas given by others

(d) Evaluate the findings of a study

Ans. (b)

Question: ____ study which wants to determine the frequency of occurrence of an event of its association with something.

(a) Descriptive

(b) Formulate

(c) Explorative

(d) Diagnostic

Ans. (c)

Question: Control is the essential ingredient of ____ method.

(a) Descriptive

(b) Diagnostic

(c) Experimental

(d) Explorative

Ans. (c)

Question: __ research is focused on collecting knowledge without any intention of applying it?

(a) pure research

(b) exploratory research

(c) applied research

Ans. (a)

Question: Which one of the following strategies specifies how the firm will employ its production capabilities to support its corporate strategy?

(a) Tactical

(b) Operations

(c) Manufacturing

(d) Production

Ans. (d)

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Question: __ data are verbal or other symbolic materials

(a) Quantitative

(b) Primary

(c) Qualitative

(d) Secondary

Ans. (c)

Question: Research is based on empirical evidence and __ experience?

(a) scientific

(b) political

(c) rational

(d) observable

Ans. (d)

Question: The plan for research is labeled as __?

(a) case study

(b) research design

(c) intensive study

Ans. (b)

Question: Which one of the following is not a constituent of the ‘internal public’ of any organization?

(a) Management cadre of the organization

(b) Workers’ representatives of the organization

(c) Secretarial/clerical personnel of the organization

(d) Consumers and consumer groups

Ans. (d)

Question: It essentially states that there is no relation between the variables of the problem.

(a) Hypothesis

(b) Crude hypothesis

(c) Refines hypothesis

(d) Working

Ans. (a)

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Question: Pure research is also known as __?

(a) fundamental research

(b) action research

(c) practical research

Ans. (a)

Question: A ___ refers to any collection of a specified group of human beings.

(a) Sampling

(b) Population

(c) Random sampling

(d) Non-probability sampling

Ans. (b)

Question: What are the input resources for any transformation process?

(a) Information, materials and customers.

(b) Staff, facilities, materials, information and customers.

(c) Processes, people and parts.

(d) People and machines

Ans. (b)

Question: It enables the researcher to acquaint himself with current knowledge of the field in which he is going to conduct his research.

(a) Social survey

(b) Review of literature

(c) Research proposal

(d) Research design

Ans. (b)

Question: Research may be made through either an arbitrary method or __ method.

(a) rational

(b) scientific

(c) imagination

(d) vague

Ans. (b)

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Question: __ has defined case study is investigating the contemporary phenomena of real life?

(a) Omerry

(b) Yin

(c) Burus

(d) Sarant kose

Ans. (b)

Question: One of the essential characteristics of research is:

(a) Replicability

(b) Generalizability

(c) Usability

(d) Objectivity

Ans. (d)

Question: __ involves presentation of ambiguous stimuli to the respondents for interpretation.

(a) Psychological test

(b) Socio metric test

(c) Projective techniques

(d) Case study

Ans. (c)

Question: __ is defined as a tentative or working proposition suggested as a solution to a problem.

(a) Research

(b) Hypothesis

(c) Objective

(d) Concepts

Ans. (b)

Question: __ is a systematic method of exploring, analyzing and conceptualizing human life in order to extend, correct errors and verify knowledge of human behavior and social life?

(a) scientific research

(b) qualitative research

(c) social science research

Ans. (c)

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Question: Copy testing is a specialized field of marketing research that determines an ad’s effectiveness among consumers. It is also known as

(a) Post-testing

(b) Copy tasting

(c) Pre-testing

(d) Primary testing

Ans. (c)

Question: This is an intensive and searching interview aiming at studying the respondent’s opinion, emotions or convictions on the habits of an interview guide.

(a) Clinical interview

(b) Depth interview

(c) Focused interview

(d) Directive interview

Ans. (b)

Question: __ is the one important role in research.?

(a) deduction

(b) induction

(c) prediction

Ans. (c)

Question: Contextual analysis is a type of __

(a) descriptive analysis

(b) historical analysis

(c) case study

(d) Content analysis

Ans. (d)

Question: The improvement technique where a number of ideas are put forward before deciding on a final idea is called ___?

(a) Brainstorming

(b) Pareto analysis

(c) Balanced Scorecard

(d) Quality circle

Ans. (a)

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Question: ___ observation. The observer has been old, specifically, what is to be observed.

(a) structured

(b) controlled

(c) discussed

(d) participated

Ans. (a)

Question: __ are those which are collected freshly and are original in character.

(a) Primary data

(b) Secondary data

(c) Qualitative data

(d) Quantitative data

Ans. (a)

Question: ____ as a method of collecting primary data in which a number of individuals with a common interest interact with each other.

(a) Group interview

(b) Depth interview

(c) Direct interview

(d) Focused interview

Ans. (a)

Question: Any company talks with random people to get their views. The method of research used in this process is :

(a) Case study

(b) Developmental

(c) Survey

(d) Experimental

Ans. (c)

Question: ___ refers to a scale with a set of points which describes varying degrees of the dimensions of an attribute observed.

(a) Rating scale

(b) Check list

(c) Score card

(d) Observation

Ans. (a)

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Question: Research adopt __ method?

(a) scientific

(b) political

(c) individual

(d) public

Ans. (a)

Question: __ is the most complete type of survey.

(a) Social survey

(b) Sampling

(c) Censuses

(d) Data collection

Ans. (c)

Question: Which one of the following belongs to the category of homogeneous data:

(a) Multi-storeyed houses in a colony.

(b) Trees in a garden

(c) Vehicular traffic on a highway

(d) Student population in a class.

Ans. (a)

Question: Statistical analysis

(a) Static page analysis

(b) Data analysis

(c) Research in Statics

(d) None of the above

Answer. (b)

Question: Qualitative research

(a) primary exploratory research

(b) Research on quality control

(c) Research on total quality management

(d) None of the above

Answer. (a)

Question: This kind of information is collected first hand to answer specific, current research questions.

(a) Primary data

(b) Secondary data

(c) Selective data

(d) Relevant data

Answer. (a)

Question: One problem with primary data is

(a) Specificity

(b) Relevance

(c) Being up to date

(d) Cost

Answer. (d)

Question: Information that has already been collected for other purposes is called

(a) Primary data

(b) Principal data

(c) Secondary data

Answer. (c)

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