Maximize user Engagement on Page to Boost SEO

Tips to maximize user engagement on your posts:

  • Write easy to read Content on Webpage : Content must be with whitespace, headings, short paragraphs, and relevant images to make the page easier to absorb by the reader and increasing the user’s time on the page.
  • Include highly relevant links on the page : Offering relevant internal links to some other websites and wiki’s is a good way to answer a reader’s question. This often can significantly decrease bounce rates, and get users further into your site.
  • Use LSI keywords and relevant information : Simply offering only the content that a user searches for is no longer enough to get the user engaged. Pages need to supply additional information that will help retain the user, and tell search engines that the page’s content is not only answering the search query but providing additional value that other pieces of content may not be.
  • Publish multiple ways of content for users to absorb the whole mix : Include relevant images, infographics, video, and text and make it a proper mix for users. This will capture readers’ attention for a longer time of frame, as they will get more engaged in the content.