Mistletoe Health Benefits

The health benefits of mistletoe for cancer and more.

1. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant which is known around the world for its romantic use during the festive seasons. However, it has also been used for thousands of years as natural medicine.

2. The Romans would hang mistletoe above doorways to protect the household, as it was a symbol of love, peace and understanding.

3. The Celts, Vikings, Ancient Greeks and Victorians all celebrated mistletoe throughout their mythology, and it was even used to make a medicinal tea.

4. Ancient herbalists used mistletoe as one of their main treatments to treat hundreds of different diseases and infections. Compounds within the plant boost the immune system and help the body to heal and protect itself from invaders.

5. In Germany and other countries in Europe, mistletoe extract has been injected into tumours to destroy cancer cells.

6. Studies across the world are ongoing to further explore mistletoes anti-cancer properties. It has shown promise in destroying colon cancer and works well when combined with chemotherapy.

7. Mistletoe extracts have been shown to cut off the blood supply to tumours, which causes them to die and the body to naturally heal itself.

8. Fruit of the mistletoe is dried and made into herbal teas. You can purchase mistletoe tea from many health food stores or online. This can be drunk regularly to strengthen your white blood cells.

9. This tea has been used for centuries to reduce seizures for those with epilepsy.

10. Drinking mistletoe tea was also used historically for fertility, especially by the Druids and Greeks.